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Make Leaf Compost
Composting is a great way to handle leaves at home. Of course, most of us cannot possibly compost all of our leaves on our properties, but composting can make a dent in the volume of leaves your put at the curb for collection.

how to make leaf compost

How to Compost

When you compost leaves you should be sure to add some nitrogen rich material to the pile to help the leaves (which are high in carbon) break down. Grass clippings are an excellent source of nitrogen as are fruit and vegetable scraps. You can also speed up the composting process by chopping up your leaves with a lawn mower or garden chipper.

Veteran composters like to keep a few bags of leaves from the fall to add to their compost piles throughout the year. Leaves keep well in plastic bags and it is a great way to get more compost from your bin.