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Cartoon character joyfully tossing a mostly eaten apple into a compost bin.Food scraps recycling at Streets Division drop-off sites has ended.

What should you do now?

Try backyard composting options, if appropriate.

You can also contact a private vendor to possibly set up collection service.



Why did the streets division program end?

Food scraps collected by the Streets Division were taken to an anaerobic biodigester that primarily handles cow manure.

The biogas generated by cow manure is more valuable on the marketplace if it does not include food waste.

In an effort to make the gas more valuable, food scraps were removed from the material they can accept.

think prevention

Reducing the waste you make is always the best choice.

Use the resources on our other food scraps pages to help plan your meals, store & use what you buy, and to create new opportunities with leftovers.


backyard composting

Check out page about how to start composting the food scraps in your back yard.



If you are interested in composting your food scraps and the drop-off sites just won't work for your needs, these composters may be able to offer the service to you for a collection fee:

  • Earth Stew, 608-213-6990
  • Curbside Composter, 608-338-4798

Commercial entities may also want to consider inquiring with Sanimax to see if they can offer food scraps services. Organix Recycling may also be able to provide some collection services.

The drop-off sites are for residents. They can't support the volume generated by restaurants, food manufacturers, and other businesses.  Commercial entities are also encouraged to contact the company that presently hauls their refuse and recycling to see if a food scraps program is an available service.


will citywide food scraps recycling ever happen?


We've learned a lot of lessons over the past 10 years of trying to make food scraps recycling work in Madison. We haven't solved it yet, but we will keep trying. 


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