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City of Madison

Traffic Engineering - Yang Tao, Interim City Traffic Engineer & Parking Utility Manager

Street Occupancy - Applying for a Permit

You need a Street Occupancy Permit (SOP) when your project requires materials or machinery to be on or over:

  • streets
  • sidewalks
  • alleys
  • public grounds

This permit ensures the welfare and safety of the users of nearby properties (City Ordinance 29.10).

Submit your permit application at least one week before the street occupancy or closure. A permit is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

Visit on-street moving or storage container permits if you are applying for a permit that is not related to construction.

Process Overview

  1. Start Permit Process

    Building Inspection issues construction and demolition permits. Discuss your site and building plans with staff when you apply for a permit. Start the process for a Street Occupancy Permit at the same time you apply for the other permits.

    Street Occupancy Permit applications are now online.

    Submit your application

    Create your account and enter your application information. If you have any issues setting up your account, call (608) 261-4293. You can also email

    Contractors, Permittees, Vendors, & Lessees

    Please attach a site plan of the proposed occupancy to your application as a PDF indicating all details of the area to be occupied. This includes the length, width and position of occupied space within the public right of way. This is easiest to measure as a dimension from back of the curb or edge of thepavement. For example, an 8’ by 24’ area that begins 3’ behind the curb, extends 5’ into the roadway, and covers 24’ along the roadway.

  2. Get Certificate of Insurance

    File a copy of your insurance with City of Madison Risk Management. Your insurance agent can place the mandatory coverage for the permit. They can also complete the insurance certificate. Return this information to the Risk Manager for review and approval.

    To send your certificates to the City, email

    Phone: (608) 266-5965

  3. Pay Fees

    Traffic Engineering staff calculate the fee. We will issue the permit after you pay the fee.

    If you need meter bags or "No Parking Anytime" signs, visit our office:

    Madison Municipal Building
    215 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite 109
    Madison, WI 53703

  4. Completion

    Construction can proceed with the appropriate barriers.


Building Inspection: 608-266-4551
Traffic Engineering: 608-266-4761