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Traffic Engineering - Yang Tao, Interim City Traffic Engineer & Parking Utility Manager

Street Occupancy - Applying for a Permit

When your construction or demolition requires materials or machinery to be on or over streets, sidewalks, alleys or public grounds a Street Occupancy Permit is necessary. This ensures the welfare and safety of the users of adjacent properties (City Ordinance 29.10).

If you are NOT looking for a construction related permit but applying for on-street moving or storage containers Click HERE.

The City of Madison has transitioned to an online permit application system for Street Occupancy Permits related to building or construction. Follow the link immediately bleow for instructions on setting up or accessing your account and for submitting street occupancy permits through Accela Citizen Access system (ACA).

If you experience any issues or have any questions while setting up your account you can call our IT staff at 261-4293 or email  

After you have created your login and entered your application information, have filed a copy of your insurance with city Risk management -


Contractors/Permittees/Vendors/Lessees section

Please attach a site plan of the proposed occupancy to your application as a PDF indicating all details of the area to be occupied (dimensions of occupancy including length, width and position within the public right of way – this is easiest to do as a dimension from back of curb or edge of pavement, for instance an 8’ by 24’ area that begins 3’ behind the curb, extends 5’ into the roadway and covers 24’ along the roadway)

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive notifications if additional information is needed and when the review has been completed. 



  • Contacts:
    Building Inspection Ph. 608-266-4551
    Traffic Engineering Ph. 608-266-4761