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ATTENTION: Our forms (including tables) now auto-tabulate MOST totals, such that after you make any required employee number entries, the resultant corresponding totals/percents will now auto-populate. This includes auto-summation of Employees Worksheet, and auto-figuring of percentages, and Target Workforce column in WAGs Table. (Note: Be sure to click in another box after your last entry so that it is also picked up by auto-calculator/actually registers!)
Community-Based Organizations - Your community-based or non-profit organization has a contract with or receives funds from Community Services, CDBG or another City agency.
Individual Developer - You or your organization have no employees and must file an affirmative action plan as a condition of your Development Agreement with the City of Madison.
Public Works Projects - Your firm has a Public Works contract with the City of Madison, is applying for prequalification or is otherwise providing construction services to a City agency.
Vendors and Suppliers - Your firm provides good or services to a City agency (e.g. Purchasing, IT, Police, etc).
Equal Benefits Requirement Notice (PDF)
Ban the Box Job Application Requirements Notice (PDF)
Small Cap TIF Exemption Request (MS Word)
Certified Weekly Payroll Form (MS Word)
Accurate Submittal of Weekly Payroll Reports (MS Word)
Self-Identification Form (PDF)
Reporting Demographic Information (PDF)
Union Labor Request for Affirmative Action Referrals (PDF)
APM 3-5: Prohibited Harassment and/or Discrimination Policy (PDF)
Complaint Register (Attachment 1) (MS Word)
Notice of Investigation (Attachment 2) (MS Word)
Prime Contractor's Guide and Pre-Construction Documents