City of Madison

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Firms working on Public Works projects, such as: Contractors, Subcontractors, Architectural Design and Design Engineering firms.

Affirmative Action Plan
Instructions (PDF)
Affirmative Action Plan Application for Firms Working on Public Works Projects - Use this application for Public Works, Contractors, Subcontractors, Architectural Design, Design Engineering, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Please be certain to select "Affirmative Action Plan-Public Works"
Self-Identification Form (PDF)
Guidelines for Classification of Employees by EEO-1 Job Category (PDF)
Union Labor Request for Affirmative Action Referrals (PDF)
City of Madison Affirmative Action Plan Good Faith Efforts (PDF)
City of Madison Affirmative Action Articles of Agreement (PDF)
Sample Public Works AA Plan - Not for Submission (PDF)
SBE Subcontracting
Good Faith Efforts for Meeting SBE Goals by General Contractors on Public Works Projects (PDF)
Job Posting Form
Job Posting Form - (PDF) / Job Posting Form - (MS Word)

Directions for Submitting Job Posting Form