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  • Small Business Enterprise Directory
    This directory contains all businesses certified as a Small Business Enterprise by the City. The directory is searchable by type of work for public works projects, non-public works construction projects and other vendors providing non-construction-related services. The Directory contains a drop down box which can be used to find businesses certified to provide services in specific areas of work, e.g., trucking, demolition, concrete finishing, HVAC, etc.).
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  • Minority & Women Business Enterprise Directory
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  • DBE Certification Application Packet, U.S. DOT
  • Targeted Business Recertification Application
  • Targeted Business Certification Application
  • Annual No Change Affidavit
  • Section 3: An Economic Opportunity & Jobs Initiative
    • Section 3 Business Enterprise Directory
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    • Section 3 Guidebook
      • Section 3 Resident Application (App. C.)
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      • Section 3 Project Implementation Plan (App. D)
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    • Section 3 City/County Overview
    • Section 3 City/County Detailed Summary
    • Section 3 Federal Brochure
  • Personal Financial Statement, U.S. DOT
  • Targeted Business Assistance Programs


The City of Madison has adopted an affirmative action plan and requires similar efforts from vendors, contractors and other firms with which it does business. The City has determined that it is not in the public interest to purchase goods and services from vendors and contractors unless they demonstrate that they have taken affirmative action to ensure equal employment and subcontracting opportunities.

It is the official policy of the City of Madison that as an overall goal, ten percent (10%) of the City’s public works funds be expended with certified small business enterprises (SBE). This policy is designed to stimulate economic growth, promote the establishment of new businesses and provide employment opportunities. In addition, when the City expends funds provided to it by federal agencies, the City requires that contractors comply with applicable federal regulations governing the participation of minority business enterprises (MBE), women business enterprises (WBE) and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE). Furthermore, it is the City’s policy that all businesses, including those owned by minorities and women, be afforded the maximum feasible opportunity to do business with the City.

This directory is designed to assist you with achieving the City’s targeted business goals. It features a categorical index and alphabetical listing of firms which have been certified as “small” as defined by the City of Madison in Section 2. This section is for use on Public Works contracts and private projects receiving financial assistance from the City of Madison. A categorical index and alphabetical listing of firms which have been certified as being owned and controlled by racial/ethnic affirmative action group members and women is contained in Section 4. This section is to be consulted for projects that have federal monies involved and a specific M/W/DBE goal attached. It is also to be used by City agencies charged with making purchasing recommendations and decisions on the City’s behalf. Also included is a list of Community Based Organizations in Madison that can be consulted to do targeted recruitment of minorities and women for employment opportunities. Finally, contact information for the Contract Compliance Program staff and our county, state, and federal counterparts is included for your convenience.

With your assistance the City has made significant strides over the years in working towards its goals. In 1998, the City spent nearly $73 million with contractors, vendors and suppliers. Of this amount more than $6.6 million or 9.10% of this was spent with minority and women owned businesses. This compares to just $456,674 (less than 1%) in City spending with M/WBEs in 1990. Small business enterprises were awarded more than $1.7 million or 9.57% of the amount spent on City Public Works construction during 1998. This compares to $93,164 or 1.24% in 1991, the year in which the City implemented its SBE Program. We are proud of our accomplishments and, with your support, we hope to achieve greater participation of targeted businesses.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact our Contract Compliance Unit at (608) 266-4082.


  • The MADcertification Program is the targeted business certification program of the City of Madison. The program has been designed to perform the function of certifying targeted businesses for participation on City projects with targeted business goals.
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) - an independently owned and controlled business with annual gross receipts of $4 million or less when averaged over the past three years. In addition, a personal net worth maximum of $1.32 million dollars was introduced into the program.
  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) - an independent business 51% or more owned and controlled by racial/ethnic affirmative action group members.
  • Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) - an independent business 51% or more owned and controlled by women.
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) - an independent business 51% or more owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. Size restrictions as regulated by the U.S. Small Business Administration in 13 CFR apply.
  • The bid document will specify which targeted business (MBE, WBE, DBE and/or SBE) is being targeted for a specific contract. In general, the targeted business type is determined by the source of funding. Public Works contracts estimated to cost $100,000 or more that are funded solely with City dollars will have an SBE goal attached. Projects with federal monies will have a MBE, WBE and/or DBE goal attached.


Please note that all businesses listed as Minority, Women or Disadvantaged Businesses can be used in both the Dane County and the City of Madison Targeted Business Enterprise Programs.

Businesses listed as Small Business Enterprises can be used only on City of Madison projects.

Businesses classified as Emerging Small Business Enterprises can be used only on Dane County projects.


Contact the City of Madison Affirmative Action Division's Contract Compliance Program at (608) 266-4910 or WI Relay Service.