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Shout-out to Officer Sue Krause

July 31, 2014 1:49 PM

A citizen recently called our Department to express their sincere gratitude towards one of our officers - Officer Sue Krause.  The citizen explained that Officer Krause went above and beyond her call of duty when it came to a recent situation.  She said that while finding herself in the hospital for a medical emergency Officer Krause sought her out in order to help her move her vehicle that was illegally parked.  Officer Krause personally went to see the citizen in the hospital to retrieve the keys to her vehicle, moved the vehicle to a legal parking spot and returned the keys to the citizen.  The citizen described Officer Krause as kind, compassionate and professional.  The citizen was overwhelmingly grateful for the actions of Officer Krause. 

We wish to thank Officer Krause for her extraordinary service that she provided not only to this citizen but we also recognize that this is the normal service Officer Krause provides to all of our citizens - way to go Officer Krause!   

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