Snow Plowing Updates

by Charlie Romines, Streets Superintendent
posted January 23, 2019 8:55 AM

A snow emergency remains in effect this evening, January 23 into the morning of January 24.

On January 23, Streets Division crews along with heavy equipment contractors will be working through the day to plow all city roadways. Citywide plowing operations began in the early morning hours and will last through the night. Plowing operations will take 14 to 16 hours until all city streets have received their initial plowing.

Streets Division crews will also continue to both plow and salt the designated salt routes as the snow continues to fall throughout the day. Crews will remain on the salt routes until conditions allow for these vehicles to rotate into the residential areas to assist with the citywide plowing effort.

Plowing operations will last through the day and night, including the second night of snow emergency plowing where crews will work to clear the areas blocked by parked cars the previous evening.

All those who must be on the roads today should exercise great caution. The roads will be snow covered and slippery throughout the entire city for much of the day, including designated salt routes. With cold temperatures, the salt spread on the salt routes will work more slowly. Plus, with it actively snowing any work performed by plows this morning will be covered over again.

If you choose to use the roads today, be sure to be cautious, patient, and alert. And also be slow. You must allow for extra stopping distance and extra travel time in order to arrive at your destinations safely. As always with challenging winter weather, make good choices if you need to make your way through the city today.

Also, since citywide plowing operations will be occurring during the day, individuals may encounter plowing equipment doing their work. Remember to allow plow drivers plenty of place for them to do their work. Plow vehicles are not as nimble as passenger vehicles, so do not tailgate them or cut them off.

Future updates will be provided as conditions require.

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