Declared Snow Emergency

posted December 4, 2016 4:24 PM

A snow emergency has been declared.

The Streets Division along with contractors will begin plowing all city streets starting around 9pm this evening when the snow has stopped.  Currently, Streets Division crews are maintaining the city salt routes and will remain on the salt routes until switching to plowing operations at 9pm. Our combined plow force will be approximately 170 pieces of equipment.  This is a wet, heavy snow and while we anticipate it will take 10 to 12 hours to clear all residential streets curb to curb, delays could be possible due to how heavy and dense this snowfall is.

Residents should also be prepared for the possibility of snow in their driveway aprons due to the evening's plowing operations.  Since the snow is so heavy and wet, residents are encouraged to take care when clearing their sidewalks and driveways. 

Since the Streets Division maintained our salt routes throughout the storm, the main streets remain in decent, but sloppy, winter driving condition on Sunday, 12/4.  Some wet, slippery spots persist, especially in intersections. Caution and patience are recommended. Residential streets are slippery due to this heavy wet snow.  All roadway users are encouraged to ride and drive slowly. 

While residential streets are being cleared during the plowing operation later tonight, temporary windrows may impede access to side streets and bike lanes until they can be cleared later.

For the Monday (12/5) morning commute, residents should plan for longer than normal commutes as some slick spots may persist, and residential plowing could still be ongoing.  Everyone is encouraged to make good choices on their commute by driving slow and allowing for extra stopping distance.   Residents should also be prepared for the possibility of snow in their driveway aprons due to the evening's plowing operations.

Remember to remove your cars from the street overnight if possible. If you must park on the street tonight, park on the ODD house numbered side of the street (so your car will be on the odd side between the hours of 1am and 7am on 12/5) and then EVEN numbered side tomorrow (so your vehicle is on the even side of the street between the hours of 1am and 7am on 12/6). The snow emergency will remain in effect until at least 7 a.m. Tuesday, December 6.

Streets Division staff will continue to monitor road conditions and future updates will be sent if conditions merit.

Declared Snow Emergency Rules

  • A Declared Snow Emergency is when snow accumulates to 3" or more and all the streets in the downtown Snow Emergency Zone must be plowed.
  • When this occurs, people who park in the Snow Emergency Zone must abide by the alternate side parking rules for a minimum of the next two nights.
  • A Snow Emergency is declared whenever it becomes necessary to plow ALL residential streets.
  • A Snow Emergency will always be declared prior to 9 p.m. if it is to take effect that night.
  • If conditions warrant, a Snow Emergency can be extended beyond the 48 hours.
  • A Snow Emergency is a City-wide policy.

Please note: During a Snow Emergency, if you violate the Alternate Side Parking rules, the fines are $60, plus a $65 towing fee.

Don't let the snow lead to a ticket or a tow!

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