Snow Plowing Updates

by Chris Kelley, Streets Superintendent
posted December 10, 2016 4:26 PM

Snow is coming down but worry not Madison for the Streets Division trucks are rolling out.

The Streets Division has 32 crews deployed to keep the salt routes open throughout the storm. The salt routes are the major streets of the city of Madison, Madison Metro bus routes, plus roads around schools and hospitals. Crews will also be applying sand to hills, curves, and intersections to assist with traction. The Streets Division will maintain the salt routes with 32 crews throughout the storm.

This snow event is predicted to last well into Sunday evening. There is no snow emergency at this time, but Streets Division staff will carefully monitor the roads for the duration of this storm. Operations will adjust with whatever the conditions dictate, and future updates will be provided. Remember, it is Streets Division policy not to plow all residential streets until there are three or more inches of snow accumulated on the roads and the storm is at or near its end.

All users of the roadways are encouraged to use caution if they must be out. Since this storm will not stop until well until Sunday, work performed by the salt route crews will become re-covered with snow until crews can loop again through their routes again. This problem will continue throughout the event. Outlying and open areas of Madison, particularly on the far west side, could experience some drifting due to the powdery snowfall and winds. Shared used paths will also likely be difficult to traverse during the storm.

As always, everyone should make good winter driving choices. The pre-storm brining operation will help keep the snow from binding to the major thoroughfares, but slick spots may still develop on the roads, especially in residential areas. First and foremost - drive slowly. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination safely. And give yourself ample braking distance - even four-wheel drive vehicles needs extra space to stop in the snow.

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