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Water service application forms can be downloaded and printed or obtained from the Water Utility Main Office at 119 E Olin Ave. A plumber signature is required on all water service applications. For new or replacement services, the property owner or authorized agent must also sign the application. If you have questions regarding water service applications, call (608) 266-4646.

Please make sure all applications and fees are submitted before beginning work.  Failure to do so may result in your customer being denied water service.

When are plumbers required to submit an application for water service? When they need to:

  • Connect to an existing water service (requires the signature of a master plumber),

  • Install a new water service (requires the signature of a master plumber and the property owner), or

  • Replace a water service (requires the signature of a master plumber and the property owner).



Contact:  Madison Water Utility Flow Test Hotline

(608) 261-9622

The Madison Water Utility provides fire hydrant flow tests within the Water Utility service area. Only MWU personnel are authorized to conduct flow tests. Requests for flow tests should be emailed to

Requests should include:

  • Contact name, company, phone number, and address
  • Location/address of project site


Estimates based on existing data are provided at no charge. They are typically processed within one working day.

The cost of a new flow test is $120. They are typically processed within one week. The standard Madison Water Utility hydrant test is a single hydrant test. The requesting party is required to provide additional personnel if more than one hydrant is to be operated or observed.

Flow tests are not conducted in cold weather (typically November through March) for safety reasons.

Data returned on a flow test report includes:

  • Vicinity map of flow test
  • Flow Test Location
  • Hydrant ID
  • Test Date
  • Test Time
  • Main Size
  • Static Pressure
  • Residual Pressure
  • Flow (GPM)
  • Total system flow for day of test
  • System flow as a percentage of max day
  • Wells out of service



The City of Madison Engineering Division is now responsible for processing sewer deduct meter applications. Sewer deduct meter applications can be downloaded and printed or obtained at the Engineering Operations Facility at 1600 Emil Street.  There is a fee of $150 for a sewer deduct meter. 

For additional information, please contact Kelsey Stone at (608) 266-5927 or

Locating & operating the water service box

Plumbers and/or property owners should contact us at 608/266-4661 before operating the curb stop. We will mark the box and make sure the stop is working correctly.

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Call Diggers Hotline® before you start any outdoor construction or improvement project:
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