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MadCAP will launch on March 1, 2023.

MadCAP assists lower-income households by providing either a $20 or $30 monthly credit, or discount, on their Municipal Services Bill.

Being able to afford housing is an important issue in Madison. Paying for housing also means paying for utilities. MadCAP can help reduce utility costs for low-income residents. It uses an approach many energy companies have done for years. MadCAP helps keep Madison more affordable and provides important relief to low-income residents. For example, the average household utility bill is currently $96.50 per month. The MadCAP gives the average eligible households a credit for the cost of 30% or 20% of their monthly bills.

The MadCAP program credit spreads across all municipal services, including water, sewer, stormwater, urban forestry, resource recovery, and landfill. The credit is automatically applied monthly to customer bills and does not need to be repaid.

How do I sign up?

Fill out and submit the MadCAP application form by email to: You can also drop off the completed application or mail it to: 119 E Olin Ave, Madison, WI 53713.


Informational Handout:

If you need any form in another language or format, contact: (608) 266-4651. For help completing the form call: (608) 266-4651


What assistance is offered?

Monthly bill credits on the Madison Municipal Services bill are offered to low-income customers based on how much money households have in earnings each year.

  • Households earning 30% or less of AMI will be credited $30 per month

  • Households earning between 30% and 50% of AMI will be credited $20 per month

Who is eligible?

Households at or below 50% of area median income (AMI) that meet eligibility criteria (see below). This means that households whose total earnings are the same or less than the AMI (annual income) listed on the chart below are eligible for the credit. Residents that qualify for Section 8, Wisconsin FoodShare or SNAP benefits, or the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program would meet MadCAP's income requirements.The eligible annual income is based on the number of persons in the household (see table below). 
income table



If I have an eligible household income, does that mean I am automatically accepted into MadCAP?

In addition to earning an eligible household income, you must also:

  1. Be a residential customer
  2. Have the Municipal Services Bill in your name
  3. Your household income must meet the program guidelines as shown in the table above
  4. Provide last year’s tax return or a benefits statement from Social Security to verify your income
  5. For homeowners only, not renters: Take part in a water conservation program. Options include:
    1. Take part in MWU’s Toilet Rebate Program. If you have received this rebate already, that counts. or
    2. Take part in MWU’s Home Water Conservation Program through Project Home to evaluate options for water-saving toilets and fixtures, and to fix water leaks.


Confirmation of having met the above qualifications will be requested in the application (English, Spanish, Chinese, Hmong)

What steps are included in the MadCAP application process?

  1. Read the informational handout about MadCAP

  2. Gather your income verification document (2022 tax return or Social Security benefits statement)

  3. Complete the MadCAP application 

  4. Decide which water conservation program to participate in: Home Water Conservation Program or Toilet Rebate Program

  5. Complete either the Home Water Conservation Program application or the Toilet Rebate Application (see below for descriptions of each program)

  6. Gather together your completed MadCAP application, a conservation program application, and income verification document

  7. Submit your entire application package to or 119 E Olin Avenue, Madison, WI 53713. (Entire application package must include: MadCAP application, a consevation program application, and an income verification document) 

  8. Once your application is received by Municipal Services, you will receive a confirmation that your application was received and a determination of your enrollment into MadCAP within 7-14 days. This confirmation letter will be sent via email. If no email address was provided, the confirmation letter will be delivered in the mail to the address on file. 


When will MadCAP start?

Municipal Services started accepting applications on March 1, 2023. 

What is the Home Water Conservation Program?

The Home Water Conservation Program aims to help low-to-moderate income homeowners reduce water waste, increase efficiency, and save money on their water bills. Project Home does this by evaluating household needs for potential water-saving improvements, including fixing plumbing leaks, or the installation of a high-efficiency toilet and/or other water-saving devices. Conservation improvements done by Project Home are at minimal to no cost to the homeowner.

NOTE: MadCAP applicants must take part in a conservation program to qualify for the bill credit. If you choose to participate in the Home Water Conservation Program (instead of the Toilet Rebate Program), please be sure to send the Home Water Conservation Program application along with your completed MadCAP application and income verification document to or by mail to 119 E Olin Avenue, Madison, WI 53713.

What is the Toilet Rebate Program?

Madison Water Utility offers bill credits of up to $100 for customers who replace high water using toilets with EPA WaterSense-rated High Efficiency Toilet (HET) models. Toilets eligible for rebate must be HETs and must be on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WaterSense list. Learn more about the Toilet Rebate Program here.

NOTE: MadCAP applicants must take part in a conservation program to qualify for the bill credit. If you choose to participate in the Toilet Rebate Program (instead of the Home Water Conservation Program), please be sure to send your completed Toilet Rebate Program application along with your completed MadCAP application and income verification document to or by mail to 119 E Olin Avenue, Madison, WI 53713.