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Physical Improvement of Community Service Facilities

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These activities provide capital and related costs for the acquisition and/or improvement of buildings used by human service agencies for the delivery of social and recreational services to the CDBG target population. They include acquisition of shared facilities, rehab of such facilities, or the improvement of their accessibility or code compliance. These activities address Objective K in the Five-Year Plan and generally benefit lower income households with incomes of 80% of the median or less.

The Commission will target its funds toward the capital expenses of acquisition of property, and/or renovation of the facilities of agencies which can document that a minimum of 51% of their customers are low- and moderate-income persons, and that a minimum of 51% of their customers are city of Madison residents. The acquisition or rehab may lead to lower longer-term space costs, the improvement of physical accessibility, the encouragement of service coordination, or may improve environments for the delivery of service.

The 2007 target goal is to help three agencies acquire or rehab their properties, or to meet the National Americans for Disabilities Act benchmark standard of physically accessible services.

For information on how to submit a proposal in this category, click here.

Warner Park Community Recreation Center (WPCRC)

In 1998, the CDBG Commission obtained a $3.2 million loan from HUD to support construction of the WPCRC. The City will use a portion of the 2007-2008 CDBG funds to repay the annual loan payment.

The Commission will continue to work with Parks representatives to ensure that the WPCRC will be operated as a place where residents of all ages, income groups and backgrounds can come together to learn, recreate and socialize, and serve as a focal point for the community.


The City will provide funds only for the following activities, according to the table below.

Outcome Maximum % of Project CDBG Will Fund
Accessibility 90%
New Construction, Acquisition, Expansion of Existing Building 85%
Maintenance or Rehabilitation
(roof, furnace, painting)

The City may vary the amount of assistance based upon activity need, agency capacity, degree of relationship to Program Framework objectives, and availability of resources. 


For agencies acquiring or renovating their own property, the City will provide assistance in the form of a non-recourse, deferred payment loan that will be due and payable upon the sale, transfer, or change in use of the property. The CD Office will secure deferred loans with a promissory note and a mortgage on the property, with repayment to be equal to the amount of CDBG (or ESG) funds invested or the percent of appraised value which the CDBG funds represent in the property, whichever is greater. Deferred payment loans to neighborhood centers shall include a City option to purchase the property or to find another agency to operate the activity.

For agencies renting space, the City may provide up to $25,000 as a ten-year (the approximate period of depreciation for many improvements) forgivable loan, unless the property owner will secure the loan with a mortgage on the property. Agencies renting space will be asked to provide a ten-year lease from the owner instead of a mortgage on the property.


Ongoing / currently funded activities in this category include:

Continuing activities approved in prior years include Wexford Neighborhood Center's expansion and Atwood Community Center's transformation of an historic foundry, as well as the expansion of several Community Action Coalition community gardens.

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