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Roadwork updates

July 24, 2015 10:59 AM

We're deep into roadwork season and updates are coming frequently.  The headings include links to the City pages for these projects, which include links to sign up for email updates.  I will echo those updates on this blog as I can/feel it is necessary, but not all updates will be posted here.  All of the road projects throughout the City can be found here:


Beltline / Verona Road

As you may have noticed, the first span of a new pedestrian bridge between Verona Rd and Seminole Highway was installed on Wednesday night.  The second span will be installed starting at 10 pm on Friday, July 24 (aka tonight).  The Verona Road (US 18/151) ramp to the eastbound Beltline will be closed and detoured until 5 am Saturday, July 25. The westbound and eastbound Beltline will remain open during this ramp closure.

Other construction work will close both Whitney Way on ramps to the Beltline from 10 pm Friday, July 24 until 8 am Saturday, July 25.  The Whitney Way off ramps will remain open.

The pedestrian bridge was replaced because the old one, while in great shape, was in the way of the reconfigured Beltline.  The new bridge matches the style of the other bridges installed in the area in recent years and, unlike the old bridge, is ADA compliant.


Sunset Village

Work is proceeding on this year's portion of the project, which is centered on Larkin, Glenway, Zwerg, Ross, and a portion of Hillcrest.  There will be a meeting on July 30 regarding the 2016 portion of the project.  This meeting will be a discussion of key topics for the 2016 construction including curb and gutter and traffic calming.  No design specifics will be presented at the meeting.

Neighbors Meeting for 2016 construction
6:00 pm, Thursday, July 30, 2015
Bethany United Methodist Church 3910 Mineral Point Rd.


Mineral Point Road / Midvale Blvd

Traffic control remains in the stage 2 configuration and will remain this way for approximately 2-3 weeks.  Water main, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer work will continue through this week and should be finished early next week.  Roadway grading and electrical work will follow the underground work.  Concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter will be poured next week

Traffic is currently shifted to the west side of Midvale Blvd and the south side of Mineral Point Rd.  Local traffic is allowed to use the old northbound lanes of Midvale Blvd to access their homes.  Left turns are not allowed at the intersection from any direction, however, may vehicles are still attempting left turns and causing traffic to back up unnecessarily.  The sidewalk within the work zone on the north side of Mineral Point Rd and the east side of Midvale Blvd are closed.  Pedestrians should cross to the other side of the street at the nearest intersection.

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