Snow Emergency Continues Through Monday AM


Parking on the Street Tonight

Folks should have their vehicles on the EVEN house-numbered side of the street between the hours of 1am and 7am. Violations of the alternate side parking rules are punishable by a fine of $60 throughout the entire City of Madison. Violators could also be towed.  This includes folks in the Snow Emergency Zone where alternate street parking is not required except during declared snow emergencies.

Sidewalks need to be clear by noon today.  To learn more about sidewalk snow removal, including where one can get free sand, click here.

Be careful where you park, how you drive, and how you get about in this extreme cold.  If you're prone to the winter blahs, consider bundling up and taking a walk in one of our city parks, maybe go ice skating or cross-country skiing.  Some winter sunshine to replenish your vitamin D, a little exercise to get your blood flowing, and you'll perk up, trust me.  

In any case, spring is just two months away!


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