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Ice Skating

Winter Activity Updates

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2/6/2023: Above freezing temps = closures are likely. Before you step out, check the online status of your favorite skating location.
Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Madison Parks

19 ice rinks or lagoons are maintained by Parks staff and/or volunteers during the cold winter season. All are free to use and no reservation is needed. See Special Winter Fun Edition: Ice Skating for more information. 

  • Do NOT skate, walk, or otherwise go on a rink or lagoon until it is declared open. Doing so is not safe and slows the opening process by damaging the ice.
  • Do NOT attempt to remove snow from an ice rink or lagoon. Doing so is not safe and slows the opening process by damaging the ice.
  • While ice is never 100% safe, staff monitors the ice depth to be at least 5" to safely support humans and grooming equipment.
Elver, Tenney and Vilas parks offer a warming shelter staffed Wednesday - Sunday when an amenity is listed as open. 
  • Wednesday- Friday: 4-8pm
  • Saturday: 12-8pm
  • Sunday: 12-6pm
Please see the location, to view open or closed status. If an amenity is listed as closed, rentals are not available. No rentals, even if listed as open, on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

SKATE HELPERS for children and adults to assist in ice skating. Thanks to the Madison Parks Foundation, we have free-to-use Skate Helpers available at Elver, Tenney and Vilas.

GIFT CERTIFICATES for ice skate rentals are available. Call (608) 266-4711 to purchase. 

FREE LOANER SKATES Borrow a pair of ice skates to use while at the rink! Limited quantities are available at Olbrich, Rennebohm, Warner and Westmorland.

ATTEND a FREE ice skating event. 

A big thank you to our many volunteers and the ADOPT ICE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM