Transit Redesign Wraps Up, Vilas Park Drive Changes, Juneteenth Celebration, March For Our Lives


Greetings friends and neighbors,

Here are this week's updates:

Metro Transit Network Redesign

The Metro Transit Network Redesign is coming to the end of a process that began eighteen months ago. The Redesign is on the agenda at this week's Transportation Policy and Planning Board which will meet virtually on Monday, June 6, at 5pm. Please note that the Metro Network Redesign item will be for Board deliberation and action only. No public comment will be taken as the public hearing on this item took place last week on May 31.

In recent months, a multitude of meetings have been held across the City, including several in District 13, allowing for resident feedback on the Draft Plan. Based on that feedback, Metro staff developed a series of possible amendments to address gaps in service. More directly pertinent to D13, service to the Bay Creek neighborhood in general, and residents of Romnes Apts in particular, was addressed in Amendment 4D, shown below.

Amendment 4D
Amendment 4D

Amendment 4D adds service to Vilas Park and Henry Vilas Zoo, which was articulated as a need during the community engagement process in the development of the Vilas Park Master Plan.

South side residents have expressed concerns that 4D does not provide sufficient coverage for those living in the Bram's Addition and Capitol View neighborhoods in District 14. Amendment 4E was generated by residents calling for this added service, the details of which can be seen below.

Amendment 4E
Amendment 4E

Staff is currently recommending 4D, not 4E. I expect this to be debated at TPPB's meeting on Monday.

TPPB will vote whether to accept the Redesign, recommending to Common Council which amendments should be included in the Final Plan.

The Common Council will meet virtually at 6:30pm on Tuesday, June 7 to vote on whether to accept TPPB''s recommendation. It is possible that motions to add amendments will occur on the Council floor. Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts by emailing me at

(For information about additional City meetings scheduled for this week, please consult the City Meeting schedule.)

Vilas Park Drive Changes

The Vilas Park Master Plan, completed and approved last year, calls for Vilas Park Drive to be closed to through traffic. While the complete reconstruction of Vilas Park Drive will not take place for a few years, an interim step for closing off the Drive has been approved and will be implemented later this month. Access to the park shelter will still be permitted, with two-way traffic extended from the east end only. In other words, you will no longer be able to enter Vilas Park Drive by crossing over the historic bridge.

Vilas Park Drive Changes
Vilas Park Drive Map Showing Changes

Here is the timeline for the messaging, construction and reopening:

Thursday, June 2 – Social media posts announcing upcoming changes with link to a video explaining the changes.

Monday, June 6 – Deploy message boards to notify the public of upcoming Vilas Park Drive closure. Message boards remain up during construction. News release distributed by Traffic Engineering announcing closure.

Monday, June 13 – Friday June 17: Vilas Park Drive closure. Weather permitting, we will complete all pavement marking changes (removals and installs) as well as update all signing.

Friday, June 17 approximately 4pm – open Vilas Park Drive with new configuration. Message boards remain up for about one week after reopening.

This change was a long time coming and is due to the work of committed D13 residents, including Jim Lorman, Ann Rivlin, Wendy Fearnside, Catherine Jagoe, and Aaron Levine.

2022 Juneteenth Celebration

The Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination's 33rd Annual Outdoor Celebration of Juneteenth will be held both virtually and in person Tuesday, June 14, through Sunday, June 19. This year's theme is "Black Resilience: Embracing Our Past to Define Our Future." The celebration week includes an in-person gathering with remarks by Gov. Tony Evers and pre-parade staging at Fountain of Life Church on Saturday, June 18th from 10am to 11am, a parade at 11am, and a gathering to follow from 12 noon to 6pm in Penn Park. More information and a sign-up sheet for those interested in volunteering can be found here.

March For Our Lives Madison Rally on Saturday June 11

A march for gun violence prevention will take place at the State Capitol on Saturday, June 11th at 3pm. Contact or go to the March For Our Lives event page on Facebook.


I've been thinking a lot about our high school seniors, those who are graduating this Saturday. What a burden it must have been to have more than half of one's high school years lived out under the cloud of a global pandemic. It's worth noting the enormity of this challenge, and pausing to give a big hug and hearty congratulations to those who made it through. 

And it's worth reminding ourselves, all of us, not just our kids, that this is hard stuff. As your elected representative, my sincere hope is that we all can thrive, to flourish and grow to our full capacity as human beings. But that's a tall order these days, and has been these past two years. There's been a lot more languishing than flourishing. 

And it's been particularly tough in recent months, even as the pandemic has loosened its grip. The ongoing war in Ukraine with all its incomprehensible suffering. These mass shootings, in Buffalo and Uvalde and a new city seemingly every day, all unspeakable in their horror. We are tempted to turn away, to not feel the pain, to withdraw because it's all just too much.

But this we must not do.

We grow as individuals when we face pain and discomfort, not by turning away, not by escaping. The same is true for us a community, as a city, and as a nation. 

Instead, we encourage one another, we reach out in kindness and with a helping hand, particularly to those most in need. It's not an easy time to be alive, let's face it, but sharing laughter, love and kindness is still what lightens the load and shows us the path forward.

And it's in that connection where we find the energy to volunteer, to work for change, to elect officials who will represent the best of our values, to help us create a brighter future for our children and our children's children.

As I was writing this, one of my favorite songs came up on my playlist, Mary Gauthier's Mercy Now. It's the perfect coda to my thoughts.

Wishing you all the best.

Take care and stay safe,




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