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Alder Foster’s Updates

Metro Hearing, Traffic Calming, Snow Removal - D15 Update 2/8/21

February 8, 2021 11:31 AM

Many neighobors depend on their feet and their wheelchairs to get them where they need to go. In Wisconsin winters, that means they depend on sidewalks and curb ramps that are maintained clear of snow and ice.

Last Week

Snow removal

I've had a few questions come in regarding snow & ice control on city streets, paths, and sidewalks. The city's Winter Webpage has links to all kinds of information and the answers to many of those questions. Below are a few key points:

  • Street plowing - Nearly half of the city's 1,800 lane miles are on designated salt routes. The salt routes include the busier streets and emergency and bus routes. These streets are the priority for snow/ice removal with a goal of getting to bare pavement. The rest of the city streets are not plowed every time it snows. Rather, these streets only get played when a 'general plow' is called - typically when snowfall is above 3". Salt is not used on these routes and consequently they will usually have snow pack build up throughout the winter season. Sand is applied to help with traction, especially at intersections and on hills. You can find more info about street plowing here.
  • Sidewalk and ramp clearing - Keeping city sidewalks and curb ramps clear of snow and ice is the responsibility of property owners in Madison. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice by noon of the day following a snow event. If ice is unable to be removed from the sidewalks, it needs to be covered with sand to improve traction. You can read more about sidewalk clearing expectations here and a link to locations where free sand is provided by the city here. The Madison Fire Department also wants to remind us to remember to shovel our hydrants!
  • City maintained sidewalks & paths - Wherever sidewalks are adjacent to city owned property, the city is required to maintain them to the same standard other property owners are. The city also maintains bus shelters and pads and crosswalks, in addition to walking, biking, and shared use paths across the city. Arterial or primary shared use paths are prioritized for snow removal, followed by other paths. The Capital City path is the primary arterial path on the east side of town. You can find the public works bicycle facility maintenance policy here.
  • Report a problem - Keeping all of our city streets, sidewalks, and paths cleared and safe all winter long is really important in Madison, but it can also be a challenge. If you come across issues with any of the above that need attention, the best thing to do is to Report-a-Problem. This will direct the issue to the right agency that can follow up and help get it taken care of.

Solar electric installation

Last week, some neighbors in the Royster Oaks area received postcards about a planned solar installation project around the stormwater retention pond on Royster Oaks Drive. A link to the project page can be found here. Some of those neighbors have reached out with concerns about the impact of the proposed project and I will be working with staff to hold a neighborhood meeting to share more information about the project and to help answer questions and get feedback.

Milwaukee Street rezoning

At last week's common council meeting, the proposal to rezone properties consistent with the recommendations of the adopted Milwaukee Street Special Area Plan failed on a 6-13 vote. Some of those voting against the rezoning felt that the city needs to engage in a broader policy discussion about how we use our zoning authority before making such a change.

A number of nearby neighborhood residents registered in support of the proposed rezoning. The proposal was also endorsed by the Eastmorland Community Association on behalf of all Eastmorland residents.

Those who spoke against the rezoning were primarily either paid representatives of Leo Ritter & Co., the investment group that owns the property at 3650 Milwaukee Street, or other individuals representing large real estate developers, realtors, and those that make profit from large-scale real estate holdings and transactions in Madison. They objected to the city using its zoning authority in situations where it could potentially reduce the overall investment value of the property for the owner regardless of the community benefit. 

map of registrants
Those in support of the rezoning in green; those against it in red.

In the news:

This Week

Eastmorland Community Association

Eastmorland neighbors are invited to join the monthly ECA meeting on Tuesday at 7pm here

Transportation Commission 

This Wednesday's TC meeting will have a packed agenda with a number of items of possible interest to District 15 residents. You can find links to the agenda, to register to speak, to provide written comments, and to watch the meeting here. Topics of interest include:

  • Proposed 2021 Metro Service Changes Public Hearing
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management Program List Approval (Traffic Calming)
  • Dean Avenue at Monona Drive Intersection Marking Alternatives
  • West Washington Avenue Resurfacing
  • Approval of Metro's Satellite Bus Facility project moving to Hanson Road
  • Update on Crossing Guard Program move from MPD to TE
  • Review and Approval of Traffic Signal Priority List and Selection

Tear Gas and Body-Worn Cameras

The Public Safety Review Committee will be discussing an MPD report on tear gas usage and the final report and model policy of the Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee at its meeting on Wednesday. Find meeting details here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Virtual Town Hall

Public Health Madison & Dane County will host a virtual town hall and Q&A on vaccines on Thursday, February 11, at 6:30pm. The event is free and everyone is encouraged to attend. The event will be held on Zoom and participants can register here to receive the Zoom link to attend. The event will be limited to 500 people on a first come, first serve basis.  Please see the Facebook event for more information.  

Other city meetings

There are a number of city meetings not highlighted in this update. You can find a full schedule of city meetings here.

Save the Date

  • Spring Primary Election - February 16
  • Dean/Allis Public Hearing at Board of Public Works- February 17
  • The People's Maps Commission Public Hearing - March 11 (more info here)
  • Spring Election - April 6

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