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District 15

Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Grant Foster

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3930 Anchor Dr

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
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Alder Foster’s Updates

Metro Redesign, Zion Proposal, Public Comment Period - D15 Update 1/30/22

January 30, 2022 7:28 PM

Metro Transit Network Redesign

On Monday, the Transportation Policy and Planning Board will discuss the draft Metro Transit Network Redesign plan. This project has been underway since it was approved by the Common Council as part of the 2020 budget. The goal of the project is to redesign our metro bus system to best serve Madison. Phase 3 of this project brings us the draft plan shown here

This proposal trades more infrequent bus routes for fewer more frequent routes. With these adjustments, the proposed network is able to provide greater access overall across the city.

You can see the proposed network for District 15 close up here, with red lines representing service every 15 minutes, dark blue every 30 minutes, and light blue every 60 minutes.

The analysis of the new network design shows significant access improvements across the city as well as in District 15. The access measurement used in the analysis is 'How many places can you reach within 45 minutes?'

A close up of District 15 shows that Glendale is expected to see a small increase in access with the proposed network; Lake Edge and most of Eastmorland will see a moderate increase in access, and SASY and Worthington Park will see a significant increase in access. The northern portion of Eastmorland is expected to see a slight decrease in access.

The analysis also includes point-specific comparison of access between the current and proposed networks.

You can find all the details for Monday's meeting, including links to provide comment and watch the discussion here. You can review the full report here as well as the appendices here.

Zion update

The proposal from Threshold Development Group to redevelop the Zion church site at 2165 Linden Avenue was in front of the Urban Design Commission this past week for an informational presentation.The development team is expected to submit the formal application by 2/7 to be back at Urban Design Commission on 3/30 for a formal review. The Urban Design Commission will give a recommendation to the Plan Commission regarding the proposal, with emphasis on design details. The Plan Commission is expected to hold a public hearing at their 4/11 meeting and will forward their recommendation on to the Common Council for a final decision on 4/19.

In addition to the zoning map amendment, staff is preparing a plan amendment that updates recommendations regarding the Zion site. This amendment is expected to be introduced at the 2/22 Common Council meeting and referred to the 3/7 Plan Commission meeting to be back for a final decision by the Common Council on 3/15. I will continue to share updates as they become available.

Thank you to all those that have written in with comments and feedback on this proposal. It's important for me to hear thoughts and perspectives from those that are impacted by changes. Please continue to share your feedback with me as this proposal works its way through the public process.

Proposed Change to Order of Business / Public Comment 

Among other items on Tuesday's Common Council meeting is a proposed ordinance to change the way public comment is handled at Common Council meetings. The updated ordinance would move all public comment and public hearings to the beginning of the meeting (following honoring resolutions and the consent agenda). This is primarily meant to improve access for those that want to provide comment at Common Council meetings. Today, registrants typically need to wait until their item is taken up to provide comment and it is not uncommon for items to not be taken up until after 10pm many nights. You can find the proposal here and all the details for Tuesday's meeting here.

Groove & Glide at Olbrich

On Friday from 6-8p at Olbrich Park skating rink, experience the fun and beauty of ice skating under the lights with fun music and games.  All ages and experience levels are welcome and all Groove & Glide events are free to attend; no registration is needed. Restrooms are available onsite. Details here

In the news

District 15 Public Works Projects

(You can find a list of all engineering projects in District 15 here.)

District 15 Development Projects (dates are tentative and subject to change)

  • Zion Church Redevelopment Proposal (2165 Linden Avenue)

    • 1/26 - UDC Informational presentation

    • 2/7 - Application Deadline

    • 3/30 - UDC recommendation

    • 4/11 - Plan Commission

    • 4/19 - Common Council

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