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District 15

Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Grant Foster

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3930 Anchor Dr

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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Alder Foster’s Updates

Garver Path, Atwood, F-35 - D15 Update 4/20/20

April 20, 2020 1:14 PM

by ward
D15 chose Sanders (46%) over Biden (43%) and Trump (7%)
Carpenter-Ridgeway liked Biden, while Glendale, Eastmorland, Lake Edge, and Hawthorne voted for Sanders. Burke Heights/Ridgewood and Hiestand neighbors were evenly split.

Last Week

  • Election results - Last Monday, the Board of Canvassers met to certify the City of Madison election results. You can see the countywide and ward specific results here. District 15 had an overall voter turnout of 59% as compared to Dane County at 56% and an estimated 34% for the state. Given the uncertainty involved with upcoming elections, please consider requesting an absentee ballot for the two upcoming elections scheduled for this year here. It's quick and easy and the surest way to make sure that your vote counts for these important elections.

  • F-35s at Truax - On Tuesday, the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force signed the Record of Decision selecting the 115th FW at Truax Field as the site for the 5th Operational Beddown; this, in spite of the significant environmental impacts expected from its own Environmental Impact Study. I am disappointed in the decision and issued this statement along with Alders Kemble, Abbas, and Rummel: Air Force Disregards Health of Madison Residents in F-35 Basing

  • Transportation Commission - The Transportation Commission held its first virtual meeting on Wednesday and recommended that staff proceed with plans to Make Adjustments to Paths and "Shared Streets" to More Safely Accommodate Pedestrians and Bikers. This will include opening one lane of outbound Atwood Avenue along Olbrich Park to people on bikes in order to provide more space for people walking and running on the sidewalk. The commission also recommended approval of the proposed geometry for the Garver Path along Starkweather Drive (more details below).

  • Safer at Home Extended - On Thursday, Secretary-designee for the Department of Health Services, Andrea Palm, issued Emergency Order #28 extending the end date of the current order to May 26th. You can read the details in the order here.

  • City Work Adjacent to Voit Farm - I received several questions from residents about work that was being performed by city crews within the city owned Parks land that runs north from Milwaukee along the Voit farm property. City staff have shared that this work is for an access drive that will allow a port-a-potty and hand-washing station to be provided for individuals that have set up temporary encampments in the area. While city ordinances typically prohibit camping outside of designated areas, the CDC has recommended that municipalities do not attempt to move individuals experiencing homelessness from such encampments during the pandemic. The provision of basic sanitation services during this time is a response to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

  • City Assessments Delayed Due to COVID-19 - City of Madison Assessor Michelle Drea announced today that assessment notices will be delayed for at least two months. While the start of the assessment process is delayed, the taxation process remains unchanged. Property owners have the same rights and responsibilities for review of their notice. Communication with the Assessor's Office during the open book period, and the formal objection process duties remain unchanged. Tax bills will be sent and payment due at the same time as prior years.

This Week

  • Common Council Meeting - On Tuesday, we'll hold our second virtual Common Council meeting. You can find the full agenda here along with information on how to provide comment or tune in. There are two items that may be of particular interest to D15 neighbors:

    • Garver Path - I joined my colleagues on the Transportation Commission in recommending approval of the proposed geometry. The Starkweather Drive alignment will significantly reduce the amount of impervious surface area and concrete needed and will allow the section on the west bank of the creek to remain natural. This alignment will also provide significantly better connectivity for path users with destinations and origins in the Eastmorland neighborhood. The path includes a bridge across the wetlands in O.B. Sherry Park and an improved crossing of Milwaukee Street. Construction is expected to begin in 2021.

    • 4502 Milwaukee (formerly Karmenta): Item #79 will allow the city to enter into a lease with an option to purchase the land and building formerly occupied by Karmenta. The building could serve as a 'possible temporary shelter in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic' and long-term acquisition would give the city and neighbors the ability to determine future redevelopment.

  • Alcohol License Review Committee - On Thursday, the ALRC will hold its first virtual meeting. Two items of interest for D15 residents include:

    • Crucible - Request to increase capacity from 325 to 394. I have not heard any concerns from neighbors or the police and am not opposed to this request. If anyone has any concerns please let me know or submit a comment to the ALRC.

    • Visions - Request to remodel: Addition of partitions for private booths on first floor. I have concerns with approving the addition of private booths that happened without prior approval. I will ask the ALRC to deny this request on Wednesday. If you would like to send in comments or register to speak you can do so by sending an email to or registering at

  • Eastmorland Connecting - Also on Thursday, Eastmorland neighbors are invited to join up for a virtual hang out to connect with each other beginning at 7 pm here.

If you have any questions or thoughts on any of the above please send me an email to:

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