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Alder Foster’s Updates

Traffic Violence, PFAS, ADU Updates - D15 Update 12/20/21

December 20, 2021 11:22 AM

ADU Changes Enacted

Last week, the ordinance updating regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) was enacted following approval by the council on December 7th. Owners of many residential properties can now apply for permits to construct an ADU on their properties without needing to apply for a conditional use permit. If this is of interest to you, you can contact our zoning office with questions. Their contact information is here.

Traffic Violence

Also last week, there was a terrible car crash on Cottage Grove Road at Cottage Court that left three people dead. This section of Cottage Grove Road was highlighted in the recently released 2020 City of Madison Crash Facts where 5 crashes led to injuries and one crash resulted in a fatality between Dempsey Road and Acewood Boulevard. In addition to Cottage Grove Road, Milwaukee Street, Monona/Atwood, and Stoughton Road and E. Washington Avenue are all District 15 roadways that are contributing to the most public harm.

crash map
2020 crashes: X = property damage; white circle = injury; black circle = fatality

Using a measure of 'economic loss' to the community resulting from traffic crashes developed by the 2019 National Safety Council, the negative impact of traffic crashes in Madison last year totaled nearly $93 million. That's well over 1/3 of the total property taxes we collected in the same year ($250M) and much more than we spend on our transportation system each year.

There are a number of current initiatives that seek to improve the safety and effectiveness of our transportation system including Vision Zero, Complete & Green Streets, Safe Streets Madison, Twenty is Plenty, Metro Network Redesign, Bus Rapid Transit, Traffic Demand Managment, Transit Oriented Development, and more. 

We can all do our part by rethinking and reducing the amount of time we travel by motor vehicle in Madison. Combine and eliminate trips where possible, use your feet or a bike or take the bus for trips where that is feasible, and please drive slowly and with great care when you are behind the wheel.

Property Tax Bill

Property owners also received their 2021 tax bill last week and for most there is a sizable increase from previous years. This is in part due to the Madison Metropolitan School District referenda that passed on the 2020 general election ballot. The property tax bill is sent and collected by the City of Madison on behalf of four taxing jurisdictions: MADISON SCHOOLS, City of Madison, Dane County, and MATC.

For those over the age of 65 and meeting income limits there is a property tax assistance program available. More information is available at or at (608) 266-6520.

Health Impacts of PFAS

On Monday, the President's Work Group on Environmental Justice will receive an informational presentation from WI DHS regarding the Health Impacts of PFAS. This is part of the work that the group has taken on to develop an outreach strategy and a plan for the City's role in addressing this environmental issue. Anyone that is interested in this topic can find links to register for comment as well as a link to the agenda and another to watch the discussion. All of those details can be found here.

New Year 

I will be taking a week off from updates to rejuvenate and to spend time with family and will be back in January. I wish you all the best as we transition through the winter solstice and look forward to the growing days ahead.

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