"Neighborhood Walk" is Still Happening!



Some residents have asked about the rain and whether or not the Neighborhood Walk is still happening and it is! We will meet folks at Sandburg Elementary School located at 4114 Donald Dr. at 5:30 PM. Sandburg's Neighborhood Association leaders will be in attendance to discuss some of the challenges our district is facing. It's the perfect opportunity to share your concerns and solutions. We'll be joined by various City agencies including the Mayor's office.

The forecast shows that the rain will clear around 5:30 PM. I will have panchos and if the rain gets worse, we will still be able to have conversations so that the neighborhood association can share their concerns with anyone in attendance from the city.

Calling the number in my signature line is the quickest way to reach me leading up to this evening's Neighborhood Walk.

Tentative Agenda & Walking Route

  • 5:30PM: We'll meet at Sandburg Elementary School located at 4114 Donald Dr.
  • Walk Crest Line Drive to Melody Lane
  • Melody Lane to Independence Lane
  • Independence Lane to Anniversary Lane
  • Anniversary Lane to Forest Run
  •  Forest Run to Hayes Rd
  • Hayes Rd to Portage Rd
  • Portage Rd back to Donald Dr/Sandburg Elementary

In community,

Sabrina Madison, District 17 Alder 
Email: district17@cityofmadison.com
Phone: 608-403-5665 (call/text)

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Alder Sabrina V. Madison

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