Updates & Week of May 30 Meetings of Interest for District 2


District 2 Updates and Meetings of Interest

City meetings are mostly virtual with details listed in City Meetings of Interest below.


Stay in touch with your neighbors through either Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc. or Campus Area Neighborhood Assoc.


There are three sections to this week's update:

  1. District 2 Updates
  2. COVID-19 Resources & Information
  3. City Meetings of Interest to District 2






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Run Madtown Marathon Route

Downtown Streets to be Impacted for Run Madtown Half Marathon & 5K on Sunday, May 29

On Sunday, May 29, the Run Madtown Half Marathon and 5K races will take place downtown and on the west side of Madison. The half marathon will start at 7:00am with the 5K race starting at 7:10am, both beginning on the Capital Square at Wisconsin Avenue and Mifflin Street, then heading down West Washington Avenue. The 5K route will not impact District 2 streets, but those runners will end on the 200 and 100 blocks of State Street as they approach the finish, which is also at Wisconsin Ave and Mifflin St.

The marathon route will also take West Washington Ave, but then turning right on Fairchild taking the "outer loop" across State Street and West Dayton to Wisconsin Ave. Those runners will take Wisconsin Avenue and turn left onto W. Gilman Street and then turn right onto State where they will take the 500 and 600 blocks of State to N. Lake. Taking N. Lake towards Lake Mendota, they will then turn left on Langdon and head towards Observatory Drive and the rest of the course. See the map above for details.

Fortunately, the outbound marathon runners should be through the square area, Wisconsin, Gilman, and State Street by 8:00am. The inbound returning runners will impact mostly upper State Street and part of the square. For more information visit https://runmadtown.com/


Metro Network Redesign Meeting

Metro Transit Network Redesign Public Engagement Opportunities

Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 31

A public hearing on the redesign is being set up in front of both the Transportation Planning and Policy Board and the Transportation Commission on Thursday, May 31 at 6 pm. Complete details about the meeting and the Draft Network Redesign are here.

June 6 and June 7 Input Opportunities

The Transportation Policy and Planning Board and the Common Council, are expected to discuss and vote on the Draft Network Redesign Plan (as amended) on June 6 and June 7, respectively. Public comment will also be taken at both those meetings. Those meeting participation options and details will be in next weekends Alder Update.


Water Utility Logo

Nighttime Water Main Flushing Beginning Monday May 30th

Water flushing will take place in all of District 2 between 9pm and 5am starting the week of Monday, May 30. You can learn more about water flushing program here. Hydrants in the downtown area from Blair Street to Randall Avenue will be flushed. See this map for the location details and for other areas of the city that are flushed.

Further info available via the Flushing Information Line: 608-261-9178


WPHC Proposal Image

Recap: May 25 Neighborhood Meeting on Proposed Redevelopment at Madison College Site

On May 25 District 4 Alder Mike Verveer and I hosted a virtual neighborhood meeting where Wisconsin Housing Preservation Corp. (WHPC) gave a first look at their plans to redevelop the vacant portion of the downtown Madison College site at 200 Wisconsin Ave. You can watch a recording of the meeting here.

The proposal is in its early stages, but is now a 100% affordable/workforce housing project that would consist of the construction of a new, 12-story, mixed-use building. WHPC proposes 200 studio and one-and two-bedroom apartments, 40 of which would be affordable at 50% AMI (Area Median Income) and 160 of which would be affordable at 80% AMI. There would be approximately 4,000 square feet of first floor commercial space along W. Dayton Street and Wisconsin Ave. The proposal includes four levels of parking with 280 stalls for cars and 268 stalls for bicycles. The western end of the block where the old MATC building stands, is not part of this proposal, but several other developers are reportedly evaluating that building for a hotel or housing project. 

The location is in District 4, but adjacent to District 2, so Alder Verveer kindly included District 2 residents in the meeting invitation, although all are welcome to provide input. Note that if the proposal is eventually approved, they do not anticipate starting construction until mid-2023.

The developer plans to seek funding from the City's Housing Forward rental housing funds while not seeking WHEDA tax credits and intends for the affordability levels of the apartments to be permanent. Urban Design Commission and Plan Commission approvals would be required with Common Council and finance-related committees needing to approve any city financial assistance. Common Council would also need to approve any proposed zoning change. The developer currently intends to start the land use approval process in the fall of this year with more neighborhood process starting up later this summer if the city funding is solidified.

Save the Date: Friday, June 10, Downtown Community Coffee with the Mayor

Mayor Rhodes Conway is scheduled to be at Madison Sourdough at 916 Williamson Street for an outdoors community discussion over coffee/tea on Friday, June 10th, 8:15-9:30 am. Residents of Alder Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8 are encouraged to attend and bring questions with them. Pastries will be provided.




COVID Update


From Public Health Madison & Dane County:

Dane CORE - for rental and utility assistance. If you are a renter or landlord in need of financial assistance as a result of the pandemic, you can still access financial assistance.

Visit the City's Coronavirus Website for Madison's COVID updates, responses and resources.

Dane County Food Pantry Network from Community Action Coalition.

State of Wisconsin COVID-19 resources and information from state agencies, including the State Dept. Public Health

Info on UW-Madison's response to the pandemic.



Below are some pertinent agenda items from city committees that are meeting this week. If you click on meeting "Details" below, you will find participation and viewing options, and a link to the full meeting agenda. If you click on an item from within an agenda, you will see all documents that relate to that item.


I appreciate hearing from you on any agenda items on which you have a particular interest or concern.



Transportation Policy and Planning Board: Details

6:00pm, Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Public Hearing - Transit Network Redesign


On Tuesday, May 31, Metro Transit and the City of Madison Transportation Policy and Planning Board will hold a public hearing at 6 PM to discuss the proposed network redesign expected to go into effect June of 2023.


Agenda Item 1

Public Hearing to Discuss Metro Transit Redesign - Public Comment for the Transit Redesign.



Street Use Staff Commission: Details

10:00am, Wednesday, June 1, 2022




Agenda Item 4


Sat., Oct 1, 12pm -8pm & Sun., Oct. 2, 2022 / 12pm-3:30pm

No Street Closure: Confluence at LIbrary Mall

March/Parade (Sunday, 10/2/22) @ 3:30pm 700 State Street to Capitol Grounds

Discuss setup, schedule, parade

Daniel Conners / Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival


Agenda Item 6 


Fri., October 21, 2022 / 4pm - 8:30pm / parade, 6pm - 7:30pm

Street Closure (Set Up/Staging): between Langdon & Lake and Langdon & Wisconsin

Parade Route: Wisconsin & Gilman, west to Gilman & State, west to State & Lake, north to Lake & Langdon

Discuss location, route, schedule, and set up

UW Madison / Heidi Lang


Agenda Item 13



Preview upcoming events - June 1 - June 15, 2022

JUNE 1 - 15

1-15, BID Summer in Your City Programming, cafes & programming

4, Sat, 5p-9p, Benjamin, The Confluence at Library Mall, pa permit

9, Thu, 8a-11:59p, Madison Night Market, 100-600 State Street, 200-400 W. Gilman St., 400 N. Broom St. 10-11, Sat, 7:15a-1:30p, Safety Saturday, 100 block of E. Washington Ave., 10 N & S Pinkney and 10 block of E. Main St



Greater Madison Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board: Details

6:30pm, Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Agenda Item 5

Approval of Proposed Funding of Carbon Reduction Program Projects with FFY 2022 Bipartisan


Agenda Item 6

Infrastructure Bill Funding

MPO 2022 Resolution No. 6 Approving Amendment #5 to the 2022-2026 Transportation Improvement Program for the Madison Metropolitan Area & Dane County

Note: Included in this item is -

  • City of Madison, Conversion of Streetlight Fixtures to LED (NEW, Implementation in 2023)


Agenda Item 7

Review and Discussion of Potential MPO Planning Grant Application Under the New Safe Streets and Roads for All Program



Public Market Development Committee: Details

5:00pm, Thursday, June 2, 2022




Agenda Item 2

Public Market Project Updates

* Funding update

* Public Market Design update

* Public Market Foundation update

* Men's Shelter update



Community Development Block Grant Committee: Details

5:30pm, Thursday, June 2, 2022




Agenda Item 2

Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to amend an existing contract with Focus Counseling by extending its term through June 30, 2023 to enable the continued provision of housing support services to participants in the City's unsheltered response hotel shelter program.




Agenda Item 3

Housing Forward: Rental Development Application Update


Agenda Item 4

DRAFT Affordable Housing Fund: Rental Housing Development Proposals Seeking 2023 WHEDA Tax Credits




Agenda Item 5

Staff Report



Common Council Executive Committee: Details

5:30pm, Thursday, June 2, 2022




Agenda Item 6

What is Hybrid?


Agenda Item 9

SUBSTITUTE: Establishing a Common Council Prohibited Harassment and/or Discrimination Policy


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