Week of June 21 and oh-by the way, Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's and Male Caregiver's Day!

With each Father's Day, I am reminded that if it wasn't for mothers, there would be no dads. So I celebrate this day with my mother in my heart.  No matter if holidays like Father’s Day, were created to boost greeting card company revenues, I love that we are allowed to reflect on parts of our own, beautiful, unique intersectionality with each Hallmark Holiday.  All the qualities of a loving person like- being nurturing, forgiving, empathetic and honest, should not be confined to gender but are things we all might embrace regardless of how we self- identify. 

I am a father of five beautiful, gifted, caring and loving children.  In these gifts, given to me by moms, I am blessed and filled with joy.  As someone who grew up within a toxic masculinity fueled society, I have been on a life-time journey to liberate myself from the Man Box (as described by Tony Porter, Call to Men).  In the Man Box, for far too many generations, men were spoon fed the sick notions that to be a “real” man, you had to physically strong, aggressive, take risks, be unattached from your emotions, silent (except when abusing alcohol), drive a fast car and have a copious amount of sex with as many women as possible.

I think that being a parent is the hardest job possible.  There is no instruction manual that comes with these little humans that cry, pee, poop, keep you awake at night, break your priceless (or so you thought) treasures, and cause you the greatest concern with each sniffle or cut.  Despite this, being a father gave me the gift of truly loving another human being; where I would sacrifice my whole being for them without thought or reciprocity.  I like to think that my love for my children was easily transferred to loving ALL children.  This is my greatest Father’s Day gift!





Meeting and Event Highlights for the Week of June 21, 2021


American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

The Finance Committee will be discussing a resolution proposing allocation of ARPA funds at its meeting on Monday.


For additional information about additional meetings scheduled for this week, please consult the City Meeting Schedule online here


Events, activities, seminars, etc.

  • Madison Public Library, Be Well Madison  and Wisconsin Mujer, are hosting a series of events centered on health and wellness titled Live Well @ Your Library. Events will take place the 4th Sunday of each month in different Madison Public Library Neighborhoods from June-August, and will focus on themes of Reflection, Renewal, Restoration and Celebration. The first event will be June 27 at Pinney Branch Library.  In September, a full-day culminating event will take place at Central Library to go along with the Celebration theme and end the series.  Learn more here.

  • Madison Dane Day of Reflection: The past 15 months have been like none other in recorded human history. They have taken their toll in ways we have yet to truly acknowledge, articulate and sometimes even allow ourselves to feel. None of us has been untouched by the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and widespread systemic injustice and violence toward Black, Indigenous and people of color.  On Friday, June 18, through Friday, June 25, you’re invited to take some time to pause, remember and reflect on our collective trauma. It is hoped that people, organizations, and businesses across Madison and Dane County choose to intentionally mark the day in some way in a shared Day of Reflection. This could range from journaling or taking some moments of silence by yourself or with friends, family and colleagues to hosting a small, appropriately distanced gathering, candlelight vigil or walk of some sort. It could be through art or through demonstration. The choice is yours. Simply stop and shift your gaze to all we have been through together.  Humbly offered by participants of the City of Madison’s Neighborhood Resource Teams



  • Upcoming, public-facing COVID-19 mobile vaccine clinics, as organized by Public Health Madison & Dane County:

  • Friday, June 18: Cottage Fireman’s Festival, 5pm-8 pm

  • Friday, June 18: Bayview Center for Education and Arts, 11:30am-2:00 pm

  • Saturday, June 19: Cottage Grove Fireman’s Festival, 3pm-7 pm

  • Monday, June 21: Jason Glenn Hair Salon, 12pm-7 pm

  • Tuesday, June 22: Waunakee Library, 3pm-6 pm. This is a dose 2 clinic; people needing 1st doses are also welcome.

  • Wednesday, June 23: Middleton Outreach Ministry, 10 am-1 pm

You can find details and see a map of all upcoming public clinics on the Public Health website.  Public Health Madison & Dane County’s COVID-19 Data Snapshot is released every Thursday. You can read their weekly blog post for a summary of the week’s data.


Announcements, press releases, press conferences, etc.

  • Testing and vaccination operations at Alliant Energy Center are ending on June 26.  Read more here.

  • In recognition of LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June, Madison Public Library is celebrating with inclusive events, an all-new LGBTQ+ Wellness Guide, and booklists and book displays in libraries.  Learn more and register for the events here.

  • Monona Terrace resumed public tours on June 17.  Click here to learn more about dates and hours.

  • Mayor Rhodes-Conway proposes millions in federal funds to support housing, shelter, businesses, youth, and violence prevention.

  • The eviction moratorium is set to expire June 30, and it is not anticipated to be extended further. Assistance is available to eligible households who owe back rent through Dane CORE.  The income eligibility limit for households has been increased from 60% of County Median Income to 80%. Click here for more information about Dane CORE and to apply for assistance.  Don’t have access to the internet?  Call 608-257-0006.


Save the Date

  • The Madison Senior Center welcomes guests back to the building on July 13, 2021, at reduced capacity.  Read more here.
  • Downtown Madison businesses are excited to share the return of Maxwell Street Days to State Street.  This year’s event, now in its 44th year, expands from three days to four, July 15 – July 18.  Click here for hours and a list of the 60+ participating businesses.
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