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Real Estate

The Office of Real Estate Services acquires all real estate needed by City agencies for expansion of their programs (e.g., street rights-of-way and park land); expedites the implementation of redevelopment activities; administers the City's Tax Increment Financing and Capital Revolving Fund loan programs and analysis; provides relocation assistance to protect any persons displaced by City acquisitions; leases and manages City buildings and land held for future projects to citizens through leases and permits; inventories City lands and sells surplus properties in concert with neighborhood sale criteria committees; and investigates, evaluates and protects the title to City lands through numerous permitting, appraisal and authorization procedures.


Jenny Frese Real Estate Services Manager (608) 267-8719
Dan Rolfs Real Estate Development Manager (608) 267-8722
Joe Gromacki Real Estate Development Specialist (608) 267-8724
Melissa Hermann Real Estate Specialist (608) 264-9297
Dan Johns Housing Development Specialist (608) 243-0301
Kristine Koval Real Estate Development Specialist (608) 267-8723
Andy Miller Real Estate Specialist (608) 261-9983
Heidi Radlinger Real Estate Specialist (608) 266-6558
Lance Vest Real Estate Specialist (608) 245-5794
Last Updated: 05/15/2024