Street Vending & Sidewalk Cafés

The City of Madison has a robust and well established street vending culture. There is an array of opportunities for street vending in Madison. To learn more about opportunities, please follow through the vending process based on what type of vending category you would like to pursue.

Madison embraces our vendors. They are an important element to the Madison cultural scene. With over 60 food vendors, over 60 arts & crafts vendors, and over 80 sidewalk cafes, there is something for everyone.

If you are in Downtown Madison and want to find out where your favorite food cart is this year, or you want to do some shopping of local arts & crafts vendors, check out the site map.  This will identify where vending sites are located. 

Buck and Badger Sidewalk Cafe

Now Accepting Applications for the 2020-2021 Vending Season

You can apply for your street vending, sidewalk café or merchant vending license go to:
Online Application Assistance or 608-261-4293

Sift and Winnow

Dreaming of warmer days on the Square.  Vendor Linda Winther of Sift and Winnow.  Photo credit Meghan Blake-Horst.

Last Updated: 04/28/2020