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The CONNECT MADISON Strategy is Madison's new Economic Development Plan.  The Strategy is the culmination of a two-year effort that engaged hundreds of community members in a conversation about the future of our economy and the City's economic developemnt priorities.  

CONNECT MADISON identifies five broad strategies to build a stronger and more inclusive Madison economy.  Each of these strategies includes a "Priority 1 Project" that the City will pursue over the next five years.  These projects and strategies are rooted in a deep analysis of economic data, shaped by input from the community, and guided by the leadership of Madison's Economic Development Committee. 

The next step will be for CONNECT MADISON to go before the Madison Common Council for approval in early 2017.  Then, the City's Economic Development Division Staff and Economic Development Committee will use the Strategy to guide its work plan for 2017 and beyond.  In addition, CONNECT MADISON will become the basis for the Economic Development components of the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan, which will be developed over the next two years. 

CONNECT MADISON Economic Development Strategy

Appendix I: Data Analysis

Appendix II: Community Input Summary

Appendix II: Community Advisory Papers


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Last Updated: 11/23/2021

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