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​FEI Workforce Resilience is the City of Madison’s external EAP. The City of Madison contracts with FEI for services that are beyond the scope of our internal EAP staff and also for employees and their family members who wish to be assisted by a service “outside” the organization.

How to contact

1-800-236-7905 FEI Workforce Resilience

Hours of operation

24/7 intake counselor coverage

Who answers the phone?

Master’s level FEI EAP counselors/clinical case managers answer the phone Monday – Friday, 8am-5:30pm. After business hours, or if they are unavailable, a Master’s level EAP counselor from FEI’s call center will answer the phone. FEI EAP is not an emergency call center, but it is standard practice for intake counselors to assess for safety for each online contact or telephone call.

What should I tell them/what will they ask me?

The EAP counselor who answers the phone will complete a 10-15 minute confidential intake with you, which includes information like where you work, what you are calling about, and how a counselor can best assist you. If you call during normal business hours, an FEI counselor will provide brief support if needed, and at the end of the conversation you will receive a referral name and contact number for an EAP affiliate counselor for you to see in your area. If you spoke after hours with a member of FEI’s call center, you will receive a call back with the referral name and number within one business day.

Can I do this process online?

Yes, complete the confidential FEI Intake Form online at https://aoh.eapintake.com/ and receive a call back from an FEI EAP counselor within one business day. During this call, the EAP counselor will provide you with contact information for a local EAP affiliate counselor for you to see. The online intake form may also be accessed from FEI's Landing Page at https://fei.mylifeexpert.com/login/cityofmadison.  Here are the instructions for setting up an online account:

Please visit https://fei.mylifeexpert.com/login/cityofmadison

  1. At the top right of that page, please click “Select Portal & App” to access the pull-down menu. Please select “Member Portal & App.”
  2. You will be directed to the Log In page. At the top right, you will find a box that says “Create a new account with your company code.” Please click on the “Sign Up” button.
  3. You will be directed to a new page where you can enter your company code: Madison. Once you enter your code, you will be directed to enter your email address and username.

If you are having trouble logging in or need to know your company code information, click on the orange "Login Help" button on the new member portal login page for assistance.​

Who can use the City’s external EAP?

FEI EAP is available to City employees whether they are full-time, part-time, hourly, seasonal, or interns. FEI counselors and affiliates are also available to employees’ eligible family members or dependents. An eligible family member includes your immediate family members, meaning your spouse or non-marital partner, as well as children who are dependent on you for support. If you have questions about whether or not someone qualifies for the EAP benefit, call our internal EAP office to confirm at 608-266-6561. Referrals through the employee’s health plan will only cover family members on that policy.

Announcing expanded EAP services through the City of Madison’s external EAP provider

Call 1-800-236-7905 and identify yourself as a City of Madison employee to arrange consultation on financial, legal, and work/life issues. Callers with legal or financial concerns have access to one telephone consultation and/or in-person 30 minute consultation per legal matter with no limit on the number of different legal matters; and one consultation per financial matter with no limit on the number of financial issues. The work/life benefit is unlimited. Once you create an online account, you can read more about these benefits by clicking on the toolbox in the top right corner of FEI's web page for City of Madison employees.

FEI Company Toolbox


Legal Benefit (One consultation per issue): • Bankruptcy, foreclosure • Home sale/purchase or lease agreement • Separation or divorce • Adoption • Child custody/child support • Simple will • Traffic, civil or criminal matters • Elder law • Legal document review • Simple dispute resolution 

Financial Benefit (One consultation per issue): • Managing expenses and debt • Preparing a realistic budget • Dealing with tax-related questions • Planning for retirement • Identity theft solutions • Investing in a college education • Student loan coaching • Home purchase education • Credit report review 

Work-Life Benefit (Unlimited) offers consultation and referrals for: • Child care • Adoption • Elder care • Dependent care • K -12 & Higher Education Resources • Medical Advocacy • Life Coaching • Personal Assistant

For counseling services, City employees and their family members may continue to access their benefit by calling the internal EAP at 608-266-6561 or may call FEI directly for a referral at 1-800-236-7905. Four counseling sessions will be covered for each incident for each eligible individual.

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