Towed Vehicles

Claim or Locate a Towed Vehicle

If your vehicle was towed from a tow-away zone or an illegal parking spot you will need to contact Schmidt's Towing at (608) 257-0505.

Claim an Impounded Vehicle

  • Must be the registered owner or submit an original notarized letter from the registered owner authorizing the Madison Police Department to release the vehicle. The notarized letter must contain the make and model of the vehicle along with the license plate# and VIN# (if there is no license plate on the vehicle, the VIN# will suffice), the complete name of the party authorized to claim the vehicle and the name and signature of the registered owner. 
  • Must have a driver's license or photo ID. 
  • Please call (608) 266-4170 before picking up the vehicle to confirm the amount owed and acceptable payment methods. We reserve the right to not accept personal checks. 
  • Must arrive before 3:30 pm to claim a towed vehicle.

Visit City of Madison Court Services for more information.

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