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The Park Smarter™ mobile application, available for most mobile smart devices, allows for contact-less parking payments for all of the City of Madison’s on-street meters. This 3rd party application is easy to use, allows for users to set up their own account to track parking history and request receipts sent directly to their email.  

As of July 1, 2024, a $0.45 convenience fee will be added to all transactions.  This fee can be avoided by paying for parking fees directly at the meter using credit, debit or coins.

Additional mobile pay application features:

  • Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted.
  • The user can pay as they go and will not need to set up a “wallet” pre-payment.
  • The application facilitates payment at all of the following City of Madison meters:
    • All on-street IPS “smart” meters
    • Off-street IPS "smart" meters 
    • On-street pay stations
    • Off-street pay stations including Buckeye, Evergreen and Wingra Lots.
      • First enter the "zone" to access these spaces.
  • The app will inform you of your space number's time limit, restrictions and cost prior to purchase.
  • You can add time to your meter, up to the maximum time limit allowed.
  • Though payment will not be visible on the meter when paying via the mobile app, nor will the LED light change to green, Parking Enforcement has the ability to look up mobile payments.
  • Receipts for all credit card transactions can be accessed at

How to use Park Smarter™ - video created by IPS, inc.

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