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Geocaching in Madison Parks

Find a cache in the Madison Parks! Geocaching is a popular outdoor "scavenger hunt" that uses a global positioning system (GPS) device and internet-published coordinates to locate a hidden physical cache. A physical cache may be a trinket or logbook in a plastic container hidden under some leaves. Geocaching is an acceptable activity in the Parks when all the guidelines are followed. Those interested in participating seek a hidden - not buried - physical cache. A waterproof container stores the trade item or logbook. For a letterbox cache, there is usually a logbook and rubber stamp. Participants mark their personal logbooks with the stamp from the letterbox, and use their own personal stamp to mark the letterbox's logbook. For a micro-cache, a small container such as a film canister is used.

Basic Guidelines for Geocaching in City of Madison Parks

  • You must abide by all Madison Parks Ordinances.
  • Geocaching is only allowed in general parklands in the City of Madison. It is prohibited at the following locations: Forest Hill Cemetery, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, all City of Madison conservations parks, all City of Madison golf courses and all areas with identified Indian Mounds.
  • All geocachers will be respectful of all public parkland. No digging or penetration of ground surface will be permitted. Trees, scrubs and plants will not be disturbed or altered at any time

Process for Permission

If you are interested in placing a cache in a City of Madison park, please submit your request. For additional information, please visit Wisconsin Geocaching Association.