Park Rules

  • Alcohol-Free Parks

    Several Madison Parks prohibit alcohol and a number prohibit alcohol unless a permit is obtained in advance such as: Brittingham Park, Demetral Park, James Madison Park, Lake Edge Park, Olbrich Park and Tenney Park. See Madison General Ordinance 8.24 for a full list of parks and details.

  • Dogs

    Dogs are not allowed in most Madison Parks. However, the following parks do allow dogs on-leash and on-path. We also have a number of off-leash dog parks. See Dogs in Parks for information on the locations and required permit.

  • Glass

    Glass is not allowed in any park.

  • Parking

    Driving or parking motorized vehicles is not allowed on the grass and is subject to a citation.

  • Trash & Recycling

    Leave no trace. Put trash in its place. Use trash and recycle receptacles where provided. In those that do not, please take home all recyclables and trash, including dog waste.