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Upcoming Dogs in Parks Status Review

October 25, 2022 11:18 AM

Several years ago, Madison Parks revamped its mostly dog-prohibitive ordinances with more dog-friendly ones - allowing licensed, permitted, and leashed dogs in most parks. Since then, we have created an online form to submit requests for a change - from dog-friendly to dog-free and vice versa. The Board of Park Commissioners will review requests submitted through Oct. 15 at the November meeting. The following parks and their current dog status will be reviewed by the BPC on November 9.

  • Brentwood Park - dog free 
  • Esther Beach Park - dog free
  • Forest Hill Cemetery - dog-friendly
  • Haen Family Park - dog free
  • Hawthorne Park - dog-friendly
  • Kingston-Onyx Park - dog free
  • Merrill Springs Park - dog free
  • Quarry Cove Park - dog free 
  • Sugar Maple Park – dog free
  • Veterans Memorial Park - dog free
  • Zook Park - dog free

For comments and questions:
Submit an email to on or before Tuesday, Nov. 8. 
Attend in person the Board of Park Commissioners meeting, 6:30pm on Wed., Nov. 9 at 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway.

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