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New Winter Trails at Door Creek Park!

December 1, 2022 7:48 AM

Door Creek Park sits in a small valley on Madison's far eastside. Trails run through the valley bottom, over hills and through the woods. In early 2022, several Madison Nordic Ski Club members walked areas of Door Creek Park with Conservation Resource Supervisor, Paul Quinlan. This onsite-walking meeting identified additional ski trails for possible future expansion from the existing 2K.door creek park new trail

Fast forward to today. Door Creek Park now includes an additional 3K of skiable trails --more than doubling the trail mileage! The layout of the trails allows skiers, once we have good snow coverage, to choose from several 1 km loops, as well as a 2.3 km loop. The 160-acre park has plenty of space for hiking and snowshoeing, as well. Walkers can explore newly cut trails through the beautiful prairie, adjacent to the ski trail and a new loop further east, crossing the creek. See map for details. 

For those not familiar with the ski program in Madison Parks, typical free-to-use ski trail sites, offer limited grooming, about once per week, and as conditions allow. Fee-based sites are those requiring a Cross-Country Ski Permit, and use funding from the program to provide more frequent grooming, typically 3-4 times per week or as conditions allow.

Following the approved revised ordinance for the Cross-Country Ski Permit Program, for this winter season, Madison Parks is proposing to continue fee-based sites at Elver Park and Odana Hills Golf Course and adding new this year -- Door Creek Park. The Board of Park Commissioners will review proposed designated locations at their virtual meeting on Wednesday, December 14.

An annual Cross-Country Ski Permit is $30 or $15 for seniors, disabled, military, and is valid for designated locations in Madison and Dane County parks. Daily and annual permits may be purchased online.

Plans for Door Creek Park include a year-round community pavilion, expected to open in 2024, possible additional trails likely added in phase two of the trail expansion and revising the master plan, created in 2008. 

See Winter Fun for Madison Parks winter recreation and events.  

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