2024 Prescribed Burns

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  • Estimated Schedule

    – Exact dates vary. Burn season months are typically March, April, October, November
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Project Information

The City of Madison Parks and Engineering Divisions will conduct prescribed burns, an important land management tool, to promote the establishment of native vegetation. 

NOTE: There can be no exact schedule because burns must be conducted when specific weather conditions occur.  Generally, the outdoor temperature is above 40 degrees and relative humidity is between 20% and 50%.  The wind direction determines which locations can be burned on which days because crews must avoid sending dense smoke into sensitive areas like roadways and neighborhoods. Crews can only plan a day or two as they attempt to accomplish burns at the list of sites below.

A prescription burn at Prairie Ridge in 2017.

Prescribed burns are the intentional use of fire, under specific environmental conditions, to manage and suppress invasive vegetation. Many of Wisconsin’s native species have adapted to survive or to benefit from fire events, while at the same time, the presence of invasive or undesirable species is reduced. Prescribed burns occur after comprehensive planning and under specific weather conditions conducive to a safe and manageable operation. 

Conservation Sites

Please contact Paul Quinlan at (608) 267-4918.

  • Cherokee Marsh Mendota Unit
  • Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park - North Unit
  • Cherokee Marsh Conservation Park - South Unit
  • Edna Taylor Conservation Park
  • Heritage Prairie Conservation Park
  • Knollwood Conservation Park
  • Meadow Ridge Conservation Park
  • Owen Conservation Park
  • Prairie Ridge Conservation Park
  • Turville Point Conservation Park 

Native Planting Sites

Please contact Paul Quinlan at (608) 267-4918.

  • Bear Mound Park
  • Burr Jones Park
  • Cypress Spray Park
  • Door Creek Park 
  • Elver Park
  • Glacier Creek Park
  • Goodman Park
  • High Crossing Park
  • Indian Springs Park
  • James Madison Park
  • Junction Ridge Park
  • Lake Edge Park
  • Marlborough Park
  • Nakoma Park
  • North Star Park
  • Olbrich Botanical Gardens
  • Olbrich Park
  • Portland Park
  • Raymond Ridge Park
  • Vilas Park
  • Warner Park
  • Washington Manor Park
  • Woodland Hills Park

Park Sites

Please contact Sarah Grimalkin at (608) 263-6850.

  • Baxter Park
  • Brittingham Park
  • Tenney Park
  • Walnut Grove Park
  • Whitetail Ridge Park

Engineering Sites

Please contact Maddie Dumas at (608) 266-9525. 

  • Old Sauk Raingarden (8210 Old Sauk Rd)
  • Attic Angel Pond and Greenways (8526 Blackwolf Dr)
  • Spring Harbor Beach Bioretention (5417 Lake Mendota Dr)
  • Indian Hill Park Bioretention (5001 Flambeau Rd)
  • Old Middleton South Pond (6027 Old Middleton Rd)
  • Main Badger Mill Creek Greenway (4102 Maple Grove Dr)
  • UBMC Regional S Basin and Nesbitt Open Space (6601 & 6513 Nesbitt Rd)
  • Emil St Parking Lot Raingarden (1600 Emil St)
  • Atwood Prairie Planting along Capital City Bike Path (202 Corry St)
  • Starkweather-Olbrich Greenway along Capital City Bike Path (3402 Atwood Ave)
  • Starkweather Creek Terrace Planting (Hargrove St to Dawes St)
  • Dixon St Greenway (2977 Milwaukee St)
  • Linda Vista Rd Biobasin (1397 Linda Vista Rd)
  • YMCA Lussier East Pollinator Planting (711 Cottage Grove Rd)
  • Saturn Dr N Pond (6212 Saturn Dr)
  • Saturn Dr S Pond (401 Galileo Dr)
  • Milky Way Bioretention (439 Milky Way)
  • Sycamore Park Pollinator Planting (830 Jana Ln)
  • West Starkweather- USH 151 Greenway (4662 Hayes Rd)
  • Hancock St Raingardens (114 S Hancock St)
  • Capital City Trail at Russell St Raingarden 
  • Crazylegs Pavilion Native Planting (Breese Ter at Regent St and Monroe St)
  • Roger Bannerman Raingarden (Sheldon St at Fox Ave along Southwest Commuter Bike Path)
  • Monroe St Plaza (2425 Monroe St)
  • Beltline at Southwest Commuter Bike Path Pond
  • Verona Rd Biobasin (Verona Rd)
  • Waban Hillslope (Chippewa Ct at Council Crest)
  • Waban Hill Roundabout
  • Shady Birch at Sugar Maple Pond (10217 Shady Birch Tr)
  • Sugar Maple Ln Pond (1050 Cherry Blossom Dr)
  • LBMC Midtown-Woods Retention Pond (1951 Woods Rd)
  • Ashworth Dr Pond (2009 Hawks Ridge Dr)
  • Junction Loop Pond (S Junction Rd at Mineral Point Rd)
  • Lower Badger Mill Creek Ponds (1524 Feather Edge Dr)
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