Elver Park Disc Golf Course Redesign

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Elver Park is a popular destination that provides a multitude of uses, including the only disc golf course on the west side of city. The Parks Division has identified a conflict of uses with the current configuration of holes 2, 3, and 4 which require players to throw discs across a grassy hillside. The grassy hillside is also a popular place for park patrons to conduct workouts, picnic, or relax with a nice view of the surrounding area. Many of those park patrons are not aware of the disc golf course layout and often use areas of the hillside that are in the path of holes 2, 3, and 4. The Parks Division has worked with a disc golf course designer, Patrick Blake, to design a new layout for holes 2, 3, and 4 that alleviates this conflict.

The Parks Division also anticipates additional improvements to the remainder of the course in the near future. The design and public review of improvements will occur during the Elver Park Master Plan process. The Master Plan process is anticipated to begin in 2024.

Project Timeline and Work Description

To achieve the new layout, clearing of wooded areas is required. The overwhelming majority of clearing will remove invasive species such as Buckthorn, Honeysuckle, and Box Elder. Desireable tree species within the clearing areas have been identified and will remain to provide challenges to players. The timeline for construction is as follows:

  • September 2023 โ€“ November 2023: Contractor to perform initial clearing work
  • April 2024 โ€“ August 2024: Installation of new tee pads and baskets. Grading and site restoration and stabilization work
  • Fall 2024: New holes open for play. Baskets at existing holes 2, 3, and 4 removed.
    • Anticipated open in Fall of 2024 subject to change based on weather and contractor availability.
Existing holes 2-4 will be removed and the new layout of the holes will go through the wooded area to the east of the open hillside
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