Giddings Park Shoreline Riprap Repair

Project Details

  • Location

    • 429 Castle Place
      Madison, WI 53703
  • Status

    In Design
  • Estimated Schedule

  • Impact

  • Alder District

    District 6

Project Information



This project will repair approximately 150’ of eroding riprap shoreline at Giddings Park.  The proposed design will use existing, salvageable glacial stone and imported stone to rebuild the riprap protection along the park shoreline. Please see the Engineering Division's project page for additional information:

Limited vegetation removals are expected with this work, including (3) trees. 

The large, fallen willow tree near the eastern side of the park at the Giddings Park shoreline is not within the construction limits of this project, and will not be removed. Below are plans showing construction limits and images of the three trees to be removed.

Willow to be removed.
Willow to be removed.
Box elder and willow to be removed.
Box elder and willow to be removed.
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