Park Development Plans- West Area

Last Updated: 01/27/2023
Neighborhood and Mini Parks within the West Planning Area

Parks is set to begin a planning process that will result in park development plans for a set of neighborhood and mini parks in the West Area. The area follows the boundary identified for the Planning Division's West Area Plan. A list of the parks involved in the planning process is below. The planning process will result in a one page “park development plan” which will guide the improvements to the park for the next 10 to 12 years. The parks involved with this planning process are all fully developed and range in size from 0.1 acres to 15.13 acres. This planning process will provide transparency regarding our future plans for each park and allow park patrons to weigh in on existing and potential recreation opportunities. Additional public engagement will take place when the actual park improvement has been funded.

Neighborhood Parks:

  • Bordner Park
  • Glen Oak Hills Park
  • Haen Family Park
  • Odana Hills Park
  • Odana School Park
  • Sauk Creek Park
  • Spring Harbor Park
  • Woodland Hills Park

Mini Parks:

  • Everglade Park
  • Hampton Court Park
  • Indian Hills Park
  • Merrill Springs Park
  • Mohican Pass Triangle Park
  • Nautilus Point Park
  • Oak Park Heights Park
  • Odana hills East Park
  • Old Middleton Road Park
  • Segoe Park
  • Skyview Park
  • Slater (William) Park
  • Spring Harbor Beach Park
  • Zook Park