Southwest Bike Path Railroad Arch Culvert Repair

Last Updated: 03/21/2023



This project includes deconstructing and reconstructing in-place the existing wall, matching the existing aesthetics and materials, and reusing existing stone when possible. In 2018, the City of Madison hired InSite Consulting Architects to evaluate the 1847 stone retaining wall within the WDOT-owned Southwest Bike Path corridor adjacent to Glenwood Children’s Park.  Included, is a link to InSite’s Consulting Architects Railroad Arch Culvert Preliminary Assessment Glenwood Children’s Park. This assessment indicated that the stone arch is deteriorating rapidly with two primary threats: “the failing physical integrity of the weathering sandstone and the undercutting and settling of the base layer of sand, stone and earth.”  In 2021, the undercutting was repaired through the Glenwood Childrens Park Storm 2020 Contract.  In 2023, funding was adopted in the Stormwater Utility Capital Improvement Plan to repair the weathering sandstone identified in the InSite Consulting Architects report.

This project is being managed by the City of Madison Engineering Division. For more details, please refer to the webpages below.