Glenwood Childrens Park Stormwater Improvement

Project Details

  • Location

    • 602 Glenway St
      Madison, WI 53711
  • Project Type

  • Status

  • Estimated Schedule

  • Impact

  • Alder District

    District 13
  • Contract Number

43.054387, -89.438017

Project Information

Construction is starting Monday 4/26/2021

This project will rebuild a stormwater diversion chamber to route stormwater into an existing storm sewer. The projects consists of a concrete diversion chamber and limestone slabs to create an devices that fits with the natural feel of the park. The wall and the arch will remain untouched, but the chamber downstream will be rebuilt.  Please take care during the construction window and stay outside of the construction fence. Project plans are available by clicking the contract number.

Update 7/23/2021
The diversion chamber is complete and the site is being restored. There is a bit of restoration to be completed but the park will be fully open on 7/24/2021.

Diversion chamber with failed wall
Current state of the fail diversion channel. The temporary repair is holding but a permanent fix is needed.
Concrete Diversion Chamber installed
The concrete base of the diversion chamber installed and out of the form.
The limestone veneer is installed.
The limestone veneer is installed 7/8/2021.
View of veneer faced diversion chamber from the downstream channel
View of veneer faced diversion chamber from the downstream channel.
Glenwood diversion chamber finished
Diversion chamber with large limestone spillway installed 7/23/2021.
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