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Facility Rental Categories, Guidelines and Rates

Facility Rental Categories

Rental rates vary according to the classification. The terms "Group", "Residency" and "Local" are defined as having primary residence in the City of Madison.

Group I

Local neighborhood associations, local neighborhood centers and other volunteer-based local community groups which are not engaged in for-profit or fundraising activities.

Local Group I organizations are able to use the Meeting Room or Craft Room free of charge once a month for up to 3 hours. If requests go beyond 3 hours (in a month) a $10 per hour fee will apply.

Group II

Local non-profit organizations which are service, civic, recreational and/or educational in nature; not engaged in for-profit or fundraising activities.

Group III

  • Private individual or group events, such as parties, weddings, business meetings.
  • For-profit businesses or organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations, which are other than, service, civic, recreational and/or educational in nature, or non-local non-profit organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations, neighborhood associations, neighborhood centers, other volunteer-based community groups and private individuals who rent the facility to engage in for-profit or fundraising activities.


All groups are responsible for the behavior of their guests and invitees. Groups or individuals specifically shall take responsibility for alcohol consumption of guests and any behaviors that may be harmful to any of the facilities, customers, or staff.

Scheduling Policy

Reservations are required for all groups wishing to utilize the WPCRC. Please make reservations by calling (608) 245-3694.

Facility Rental Guidelines

Commercial Use

If Lessee plans to use the Facility for commercial use (the sale of goods or services) or charge any form of admission, Lessee agrees to pay WPCRC a $350 commercial use fee in addition to all other fees, deposits, and charges. Payment shall be made at the time the rental agreement is returned.


If WPCRC or Lessee decides security is necessary at Lessee's event, Lessee will be responsible for all fees related to security personnel and equipment. Fees are due at time of reservation. WPCRC reserves the right to do a background check on Lessee and its representatives.

Late Reservations

In the event of a late reservation, checks will not be accepted. Payment must be made by cash or credit card.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Community Center at any time.

Food Service

Available through permitted caterers. Potluck is allowed for groups of 30 or fewer, but there is no kitchen access. Please see rental coordinator for additional kitchen information.

Clean Up

Groups having drop-off or pick-up food service from a permitted caterer will be responsible for the complete clean-up of all areas utilized, including removal of tablecloths and all other personal equipment. All disposables must be placed in appropriate trash receptacles. Recyclables must be placed in recyclable containers only.

Ending Time

All events must end by 10:00pm, including clean-up, unless otherwise agreed upon.


The storage of any equipment or other accessory items belonging to the users is not permitted. WPCRC is not responsible for any equipment or other accessory items left at the Community Center at any time.


The use of nails, tape, tacks or the like to fasten decorations or other materials to walls, doors or from the ceiling is prohibited. Glitter, rice, birdseed, etc, may not be thrown or used as tabletop decorations. Helium balloons are not permitted.


Candles, other than votives, are not allowed.


Lessee shall be responsible for the behavior of any and all event attendees. A responsible person or persons from Lessee's group shall be present at the event at all times. Lessee agrees that its representatives shall familiarize themselves with and abide by Park Division rules and regulations as well as specific Lessor facility rules.

Rental Rates

In keeping with the mission of the WPCRC and in order to not be exclusionary to any of the local user groups, facility rentals are priced using a three-tier system defined by three rental categories: (Groups I, II and III). WPCRC has equipment rental available. All fee are subject to tax.

Catered food must come from one of the permitted caterers.

Community Room > 1 2 3
CAPACITY: Banquet/Lecture > 64/85 56/65 40/50
Half Day $140.00 $100.00 $80.00
Evening $230.00 $170.00 $130.00
Half Day $180.00 $160.00 $120.00
Evening $290.00 $250.00 $190.00
Half Day $150.00 $110.00 $90.00
Evening $240.00 $180.00 $140.00
Half Day $190.00 $170.00 $130.00
Evening $300.00 $260.00 $200.00
Half Day 4 Hours Monday-Saturday: 8am-4pm or 12pm-4pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm (choose 4 hour time block)
Evening 5 Hours Daily: 5pm-10pm
1 Hour Extend until 11pm: $200
  • Community Rooms and time blocks may be combined to increase capacity and length of reservation.
  • Seating capacity for all three Community Rooms is 160 banquet style (20 rounds, 8 chairs per table) or 200 lecture style (chairs in rows).
  • Tables and chairs, as well as the set-up/take-down, are included in the reservation fees.
  • Additional fees may be charged for alcohol, catering service, special activities, or security.
  • A $75 security deposit is required to hold the facility for any requested date and time. Wedding receptions and other large events require a $250 security deposit.
  • All rental groups must complete a facility rental agreement.
  • One of the permitted caterers must provide all catered food.
  • Potlucks are permitted for groups of 30 or fewer (kitchen access is not included).
  • All fees are subject to Wisconsin State Sales Tax.