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Terms of Use

By registering your security camera with the City of Madison Police Department you understand that your personal information may be disclosed subject to an open record request. The Madison Police Department will not post your personal information online, however if a public records request for the information is made, that information may be disclosed pursuant to this request.

If there is a crime, an incident or a disturbance, in your neighborhood, the Madison Police Department will look for security cameras that potentially may have captured evidence of the activity. The Madison Police Department may contact you and request access to the camera to view the footage. You may always deny a request to view your camera or footage. However, a warrant may be requested to obtain this information. If there is evidence of a crime or law violation or other incident on your camera footage, you may potentially be called as a witness in the case.

By clicking the "I Agree" button you acknowledge that you have read over the Terms of Use of the Madison Police Department security camera registration and accept these terms.