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Traffic Enforcement & Safety Blotter

Speed Enforcement - Atwood Ave

May 4, 2021 10:43 AM

On Thursday, 4/29/21, members of the Traffic Enforcement and Safety Team (TEST) conducted a enforcement project in the 3400 block of Atwood Ave (near Olbrich boat launch).  The area is posted for 25 MPH.

During the project officers stopped 7 vehicles with all vehicles stopped for traveling at least 14 MPH over the speed limit.  The fastest speed recorded was 56 MPH (31 MPH over the speed limit).

These posts are intended to demonstrate some of the driving behavior officers are enforcing throughout the city but doesn't capture all of our enforcement efforts.  Similiarly, the Madison PD receives over 500 complaints a year regarding dangerous driving behaviors.

Please slow down - all of our safety on the roads depends on it.

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