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Traffic Enforcement & Safety Blotter

Flex Lane Monitoring

July 13, 2022 1:14 PM

With the opening of the Beltline's Flex Lane operations, the Madison Police Department, in partnership with other neighborhing law enforcement agencies and WI DOT, will be actively monitoring the Flex Lane.  We will be focusing most of our efforts at times throughout the day when the Flex Lanes are NOT open.

We will continue these efforts for at least the next few weeks as drivers get adjusted to the new Flex Lane and resulting traffic patterns.  We encourage drivers to utilize the Flex Lane during times that the green arrows above the lanes indicate the Flex Lane is open. When the signs indicate anything other than a green arrow drivers should merge back into the regular lanes of travel when it is safe to do so. 

Our additional presence on the Beltline was made possible through funding provided by WI DOT.  

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