Traffic Signals and Streetlighting

Enhancing road safety through the implementation and maintenance of various electrical traffic safety devices and infrastructure.

What We Do

  • Traffic Engineering maintains traffic signals at over 400 intersections in addition to flashing beacons, driver feedback boards and other electronic signs. Traffic Engineering also maintains over 17,500 streetlights.
  • Install and maintain Traffic Signals to regulate traffic flow and enhance intersection safety.
  • Install and maintain Streetlighting to improve nighttime visibility and safety on city streets.
  • Install and maintain Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at key pedestrian crossings.
  • Install and maintain Driver Feedback Boards (DFBs) to encourage safe driving speeds.
  • Install and maintain School Safety Beacons to protect students near schools.
  • Educate the community on the benefits and proper use of these devices.
  • Collaborate with local agencies to improve traffic management and pedestrian safety.

  • Traffic Signals

    Multi-color illuminated displays used to coordinate traffic flow safely through roadway intersections. 

  • Streetlighting

    A streetlight or streetlamp, often mounted on a pole along a roadway, to provide illumination.

  • Traffic Safety Beacons

    Street crossing safety features that are activated by pedestrians to alert motorists of their presence within the crosswalk.

  • Projects

    Information about projects related to signals and streetlighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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