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City of Madison

Traffic Engineering - Yang Tao, Director

Shared & Slow Streets Program

2022 Feedback Surveys

 Fisher Street

  • Survey Results
  • Transportation Commission Project Review - Fall 2022
  • Construction - Summer 2023

West Shore & South Shore Blvd

Program History:

The City of Madison Shared Streets Program was launched in April 2020 as part of the City’s Covid-19 response. This program was intended to:

  • Provide additional space for people to safely socially distance while walking and biking
  • Support mental and physical health benefits of walking and biking
  • Support walking and biking when there are reduced opportunities for other typical activities
  • Support increased walking and biking during the pandemic
  • Repurpose space from decreased motor vehicle trips to increased space for walking and biking

 Shared Streets were open for people walking, running, biking, rolling and closed to pass through traffic. The Shared Streets program was paused in late fall 2020 for the winter season. The City gathered input through an online survey and the information was provided in a report to the Transportation Commission.

Shared Streets Report

Slow Streets 2021

Looking forward the 2021 program will focus on transition from a focus on providing more space during the pandemic to longer term support for walking, biking and community building. The City of Madison wants to make the City more welcoming and accessible for people of all ages and abilities who want to travel by foot, using a mobility device, by bicycle or scooter.

Phase One 2021

  • Atwood Avenue on Lake Loop near Olbrich Park - Installed
  • West Shore/South Shore Blvds - Installed
  • E Mifflin St - Delayed
  • Sherman Ave - Delayed

Phase Two 2021

Launch the new Slow Streets program

  • Increase engagement to develop projects with neighborhood and users
  • Test street changes to find solutions to issues identified through engagement before proposing permanent changes

Planned Streets

  • Fisher St - Phase 1 Engagement completed; Street changes test completed in 2021
  • Darbo Dr- Phase 1 Engagement completed; Potential projects on Safe Streets Madison project list
  • West Shore & South Shore Blvd - Street change tests in Fall 2022
  • Atwood Ave - Temporary cycletrack installed; Permanent cycletrack construction in 2023