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What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a data driven strategy intended to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on city streets by 2030. The City of Madison Vision Zero initiative strives to improve pedestrian and bike safety for all users throughout the city and improve the identified high injury intersections, all in an effort to prevent avoidable fatal crashes.

Safety starts with all of us.

We can’t control human error, but we can help create more forgiving infrastructure and change systems to prevent crashes from being serious and fatal.

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How Does This Relate To You?

The core belief of Vision Zero is that death and injury on city streets is preventable. This approach to safety emphasizes smarter street designs that account for human error and education, data-driven enforcement and community engagement.

With the Vision Zero approach City departments and residents work together to make city streets safer and meet the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries in Madison.

Madison Vision Zero Principles

  • Safety - Safety for all roadway users, including bicycle and pedestrian safety. One life lost on our streets is too many.
  • Equity - The City of Madison recognizes the disparity, racial and economic difference in neighborhoods and will focus on improving lower income community roadways included in the high injury network. Equity is a top priority for the City of Madison and will be at the forefront of discussions, actions and improvements. 
  • Data-Focused - Data will drive our focus on where to invest time and money to improve the highest injury intersections and roadways.
  • Accountability - The City of Madison will set clear goals and objectives, as well as engaging the community in outreach and collaboration to make Vision Zero a success.

Vision Zero Approach to Reduce Traffic Fatalities

  • Analyze Safety Data

    Vision Zero uses data to target improvements that will reduce crashes, save lives and address inequities experienced on the street related to crashes.

  • Education and Resources

    Additional information and links to safety videos, pedestrian and bicycle information, the traffic calming program and much more.

  • Engagement

    Community input is needed to create more comprehensive and inclusive strategies to improve street safety and allow us to learn from each other what is important for our streets.

  • Projects to Improve Safety

    Vision Zero focuses on creating a transportation system that is safe for all neighborhoods and for people of all ages and abilities, no matter how they travel.

Upcoming Events:

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Past Events:

Let's Talk Streets Launch Event

The purpose of Let's Talk Streets is to learn from each other about how we design streets for the future in Madison. It's a conversation with YOU that seeks to gather public input to influence several different street-related initiatives while ensuring you know what we mean when we "talk streets" and we learn from you what is important about how you talk streets.

Citywide Blog Posts:

Fleet Services:
Madison’s Vision Zero needs every one of us as City employees to get involved and set an example. I hope you will learn more about how we all fit in to eliminating fatality and injury on the road: Read the latest blog

What are the next steps?

  • Create a detailed Action Plan over the next year that outlines the goals and strategies that Vision Zero Madison will utilize to meet the goal of zero traffic deaths by 2030.  
  • Maintain an education and outreach program for the public.
  • Make Madison streets and intersections safer with improvements to infrastructure.  

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