City of Madison

Traffic Engineering - David Dryer, P.E. Traffic Engineer and Parking Manager

E. Mifflin St. & N. Blair St. Diverter Test

The City of Madison is working with the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association to improve neighborhood traffic safety including pedestrian and bicycle conditions along E. Mifflin Street. As part of this project the neighborhood has requested that the City consider a partial closure of E. Mifflin St. at N. Blair Street. To test this partial closure the City has installed temporary curb and signing.

The purpose of the diverter is to reduce the amount of cut-through traffic using E. Mifflin St., while still allowing bikes through. E. Mifflin St. is a city-designated "bike boulevard", and a reduction in cut-through traffic will reduce the number of potential conflicts between bikes and motor vehicles.

Upon conclusion of the test the Common Council will decide if the partial closure will be made permanent.

To provide feedback, please send an email with your current address to Tom Mohr, City Traffic Engineering,

View map of diverter test (PDF).