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City of Madison

Traffic Engineering - Yang Tao, Interim City Traffic Engineer & Parking Utility Manager

Near Westside Neighborhoods & University Avenue Transportation Study


The City of Madison, the Village of Shorewood Hills, and the UW-Wisconsin Madison are completing a transportation study of the Near Westside including the University Avenue Corridor and select nearby neighborhood streets.

West Bound view along University Corridor

West Bound view along University Corridor.

The Near Westside neighborhoods and the larger Madison area is served by University Avenue, an important primary arterial street carrying in excess of 50,000 vehicles per average weekday. This can result in sometimes severe congestion, crashes and delay to motorists, public transit riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists. As a result, some drivers may use nearby residential streets in both Madison and Shorewood Hills to avoid traffic delays and congestion related problems. The residential streets serving this cut through traffic are not intended for this use, and this traffic can have a negative impact on quality of life and is resulting in increased concerns for pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

The pattern of the streets and development in this area do not lend themselves to good alternative routes. This results in challenges to accommodating continued growth and maintaining residential neighborhoods while providing for modes of travel including bike, pedestrian and transit. Along with Regional growth, the City, University, and Village continue to grow and generate additional traffic, and have active major redevelopment projects pending which require community and intergovernmental review and input.

The purpose of the Study is to:

Bicyclist using Ridge Street signal

Bicyclist using Ridge Street signal.

  • Evaluate the transportation impacts for proposed and future development including development opportunities within existing neighborhoods, using adopted neighborhood plans, where present, as a basis for future redevelopment scenarios;
  • Identify pros and cons of potential solutions and solicit and organize feedback from area stakeholders;
  • Develop a set of stakeholder-integrated transportation strategies and projects;
  • Inform decision-making related to further growth and land use applications in the study area, particularly related to UW Hospital projects, Village of Shorewood Hills redevelopment, and City of Madison redevelopment and neighborhood livability interests; and
  • Develop an implementation plan based on study recommendations.

Anticipated Study Schedule

  • March 2013: Kickoff Workshops
  • April 1 - May 31, 2013: Online Survey
  • July 2013: Needs and Potential Improvements Workshops
  • October 2013: Draft Recommendations Workshops
  • December 2013: Study Completion

Workshop Materials

Initial Findings

Public Information Meeting: 2/24/2014

Final Report


  • Strand Associates, Inc
    Jeffrey S. Held, P.E., PTOE
    (608)251-2129 ext. 1175
  • City of Madison
    David C. Dryer, P.E.
    City Traffic Engineer and Parking Utility Manager